Fiverr Fee Calculator For Buyers & Sellers (Free Tool)

Use this Fiverr fee calculator if you’re a buyer looking to pay for freelancing services on the platform. Enter your order price, and you’ll see how much you’ll need to pay in total. You’ll also see what you’d need to pay on other popular freelancing platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. If you’re a seller, scroll down to the seller fee calculator below.

This is a useful tool if you already have a budget in mind for services and want to compare different freelancing platform fees!

Fiverr Fee Calculator For Buyers

Fiverr Fee: $0.00

You Pay: $0.00

How This Compares To Other Platforms

Platform Fee You Pay
Fiverr $0.00 $0.00
Upwork $0.00 $0.00
Freelancer $0.00 $0.00

If you're a freelancer, use this Fiverr fee calculator for sellers instead to find out how much you'll earn when a buyer places an order for one of your gigs. It's based on Fiverr's 20% fee, and it'll also show you how this charge compares to the freelancing fees of Upwork and Freelancer.

Fiverr Fee Calculator For Sellers

Fiverr Fee: $0.00

You Get: $0.00

How This Compares To Other Platforms

Platform Fee You Get
Fiverr $0.00 $0.00
Upwork $0.00 $0.00
Freelancer $0.00 $0.00

More Information About Fiverr's Fees

Fiverr's Small Order Fee For Buyers

Fiverr charges buyers a 5.5% fee on all purchases over $75, and you'll need to pay an additional $2.50 "small order charge" if the order price is less than $75. This changed in June 2023, as it used to be $2 on orders under $50. Our calculator above factors this in, as you'll see if you put in an order value of $49.99 or less. This means you can pay more fees for a lower order price.

For example, if you have an order price of $74, you'll pay $6.57 in fees. But if the order is more than $75, you won't pay more than $6.57 in fees until the order price is $120 (0.055 x $120 = $6.60 in fees). So, if you are looking to buy two $74 gigs, one this week and one next week, you'll pay a total of $161.14 (2 x $74 plus 2 x $6.57 in fees). That's $13.14 in fees.

But if you paid for $148 worth of these services at one time (2 x $74), you'd only incur $8.14 in fees, for a total of $156.14. This means you'd save $5 if you bought them in bulk (a small saving but a saving nonetheless). This means it's better value to try and negotiate a custom offer with a seller and to buy in bulk when you can, to avoid those $2.50 small order fees.

Other Freelance Platform Fees For Buyers

PlatformBuyer Fee
Fiverr5.5% on all orders
$2.50 additional charge on orders under $75
3% for eligible US clients paying via ACH (+$3)
Freelancer3% or $3 (whichever is greater)
3% per milestone for hourly rate jobs

Fiverr's fees are the highest of the most popular freelancing marketplaces. I've discussed the small order fee above, but it's worth mentioning a few caveats of the other platforms' fees.

For Upwork, it's a flat 5% charge unless you're an eligible US client paying via ACH. For these customers, it's 3% plus $3 per $100 of order price. In other words, the 'discounted' rate ends up costing more than the standard rate, as you end up paying $6 of fees instead of $5!

On Freelancer, it's 3% or $3, whichever is greater.

Fiverr Seller Fees

PlatformSeller Fees
Fiverr20% on all orders
Upwork10% on all orders
Freelancer10% or $5 (whichever is greater)
10% per milestone for hourly rate jobs

Fiverr charges sellers a 20% cut of their order price, and this remains the same no matter your seller level or how much money you've made on the platform. Other platforms may used a scaled system, like Upwork did until May of 2023. They now charge a flat 10% fee regardless of your earnings on the platform.

Freelancer uses a flat rate of 10%, or $5 (£3.50 for UK freelancers), whichever is greater. This means you'll pay $5 on all orders up to $50, and above that you'll pay 10%. This incentivises sellers to offer more expensive gigs, as you can end up losing more than 10% if you sell something for $49.99 or less.

If you want to compare these platforms further, check out my Fiverr vs Upwork and Fiverr vs Freelancer articles.