Fiverr Gig Requirements Examples (10 Great Options)

Fiverr gig requirements screen showing some examples.

Fiverr gig requirements are an important yet often-overlooked part of creating a solid gig that gets orders. They’re used to make it clear what you need from the buyer, and in this article, I’ll provide some useful gig requirements examples that you can use on your gigs.

What Are Fiverr Gig Requirements?

Fiverr Gig Requirements offer a way for sellers to communicate the needs of a project to a buyer. They allow buyers to clearly specify what they need, and for sellers to get a better understanding of the scope of work required. This helps both parties ensure that the expectations and requirements are met from the start.

Example of Fiverr gig requirement for an editing gig.
Here is an example of a Fiverr gig requirement

Gig Requirements can include information such as deadlines, specific materials or software to use, unique instructions for the task at hand, or details about additional services. Sellers should think through their Gig Requirements carefully and research what other sellers in similar categories require so they can provide buyers with clear expectations.

An Extra Opportunity

In addition to providing specific instructions on how to complete a project, sellers may also use Gig Requirements as an opportunity to upsell their services or gather feedback from customers.

For example, they could ask buyers if they would like an extra service added on with their order, or ask them if there is anything else they need help with related to the Gig. Doing this can increase customer satisfaction and improve customer relationships, while also potentially upselling some gig extras.

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How Do You Ask For Gig Requirements On Fiverr?

To ask for Gig Requirements on Fiverr:

  1. Go to the relevant gig
  2. Go to the ‘Requirements’ section
  3. Click ‘Add New Question’
  4. Use the free text area to add your requirements
  5. Select Free Text, Multiple Choice or Attachment
  6. Click save
Fiverr gig requirements page showing the default questions.
Make sure the questions you ask aren’t the same as the questions that are added automatically (you’ll see these on the requirements page)

Why You Need To Use Fiverr Gig Requirements

Fiverr Gig Requirements are an important part of setting up and managing successful gigs. They not only help buyers understand what services they will be receiving, but they can also be used to upsell services or get feedback on projects.

This can prevent buyers from placing orders without properly understanding what you actually offer and what you need from them to start work. I have had buyers place orders for content editing without telling me what they need me to edit! This means the order clock starts but I don’t have anything to work with!

Thankfully, Fiverr lets you choose ‘Required’ as an option for these requirements. This means the order countdown won’t begin until the buyer gives you what you need to get started.

Examples For Beginners

However, writing effective requirements can be difficult, especially for new sellers. This is why it’s useful to have some Fiverr gig requirements examples to reference when writing your own requirements.

Using good examples gives you a starting point from which you can build your own custom gig questions. Not only does this save time, but using clear and well-structured questions makes it easier for buyers to understand exactly what they will be getting with their purchase.

10 Fiverr Gig Requirements Examples

10 Fiverr Gig Requirements examples are:

  1. What is the deadline for completion?
  2. Are there any specific materials or software needed for this project?
  3. How many hours do you estimate will be required to complete this task?
  4. Are there any unique instructions that I need to follow in order to achieve success?
  5. Would you like any additional services included with your order (such as extra revisions)?
  6. Is there anything else I should know about this project before starting work on it?
  7. Please attach the files required
  8. How often do you need updates on the progress of the project?
  9. Can I use my own photos and videos in the project?
  10. What file formats do you need at the end of this project?

These are just 10 examples of Fiverr Gig Requirements that you can use when creating your own requirements for a gig. Remember, requirements should be tailored to each individual project, so it’s important to think through what information is needed from the buyer before starting work on any given gig. Just use these as a starting point.

By taking the time to write thoughtful, detailed questions, you can be sure you have all the information you need to complete the task.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr Gig Requirements are an important part of any gig. They help ensure that both buyers and freelancers understand what’s expected of them before the project begins. By using Fiverr gig requirements examples as a starting point, you can create effective requirements tailored to your individual projects.

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