Chris Hanna

I’m Chris, the creator of Freelance Ready! I started this website back in 2019 while I was still studying at university (the site used to be called Back then I was freelancing on Fiverr, creating website content for clients in between (and during) lectures.

Once I got my chemistry degree (from the University of Strathclyde), I decided I wanted to see how far I could take freelancing. I kept writing for people on Fiverr, but I also found clients elsewhere, some I still work with today. 

My goal with Freelance Ready is to share tips, tricks, stories and guidance from my own freelancing journey to help others looking to master the world of self-employment. 

How I Started Freelancing

My freelancing career, like many others, started out on Fiverr. I offered writing services to pretty much anyone who would take them, and managed to make a few thousand dollars on the platform within my first 3 months. This was enough to allow me to quit my part-time job (I was still at uni at the time).

In 2020, I took it a step further and started writing for other clients off the Fiverr platform. I also started writing actively on Medium, and I began adding content to the domain I registered the previous year (this one).

Through 2021 and 2022, I hired writers to help me create useful content for freelancers looking to make money on their own terms. The site is now home to more than 200 freelancing articles, and it’s continuing to grow.

I am still a freelancer, primarily offering SEO services. But I still put a lot of my time towards Freelance Ready. My goal is to make it the most useful freelancing resource on the internet!

Chris Hanna Fiverr profile showing Level 2 Seller badge and 106 5-star reviews.
I managed to reach Level 2 Seller and get more than 100 5-star reviews