What Are Impressions On Fiverr? (Gig Terminology Explained)

Graph of Fiverr gig performance showing impressions over time.

Impressions on Fiverr can be one of the metrics new sellers track the most. You see the number going up as your gig reaches new people in the search results, but you may be wondering what impressions are on Fiverr and whether they’re important.

Impressions on Fiverr are one metric you can use to measure the performance of a gig. Impressions measure the number of times a gig appears in a Fiverr thumbnail, such as on the homepage or when a buyer searches for a gig. They’re not as important as clicks or orders.

In this article, we explain what gig impressions are and whether they matter. Later on, we’ll give you some useful tips to hopefully increase your impressions on Fiverr.

What Are Gig Impressions On Fiverr?

Impressions on Fiverr measure the number of times your gig appears in a Fiverr thumbnail on the homepage, search results, category or sub-category page, and user page. Impressions help you understand how visible your gig is to buyers, but they don’t tell you how much money you’re making.

For example, when a buyer searches for blog writing gigs on Fiverr and your gig appears in their results, your gig will get an impression when the buyer scrolls to it. Impressions are different from clicks. The buyer doesn’t have to click and view your gig to register as an impression. They simply need to view your gig thumbnail.

Impressions are important to understand if you want to succeed on Fiverr. While they don’t measure whether someone purchases your gig, impressions indicate your gig’s level of exposure. The higher your impressions are, the more likely buyers are to come across your gig.

So, how do you find out how many impressions a gig has?

How To See Your Fiverr Gig’s Impressions

To view a Fiverr gig’s impressions:

  1. Log in to your Fiverr account
  2. Click on Selling, then Gigs
  3. Click on a gig title to see the statistics for it

This shows a gig’s statistics from the last 30 days. The performance metrics displayed here include:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Orders
  • Cancelations
  • Conversion rates (the average of total impressions divided by orders)

How To Increase Your Impressions On Fiverr

1. Optimise Your Gig Titles

This is one of the quickest ways to increase your Fiverr impressions. Tweaking your title to ensure you’re targeting the right search terms can ensure you end up in front of the right potential buyers. You might have a well laid out gig, but if Fiverr’s algorithms can’t work out what buyer searches to match your gig to, you won’t rank in the search results.

Having a properly optimised title with the right keywords in it will ensure Fiverr understands what your gig is offering and it will be shown to the right buyers. An extra benefit of this is that buyers will be more likely to click through and potentially place an order if your gig title matches what they’re looking for.

2. Optimise Your Gig Descriptions 

Next to optimizing the titles of your gigs, make sure to include as much useful information in your gig descriptions as possible. Fiverr will use this information to categorise your gig as well, and it will help with conversion rates too, as buyers that do click on your gigs will have more information to work with when deciding if you’re the right person for their project.

3. Check Your Gig’s Category And Tags

A simple way to ensure you’re appearing in the right search results is to check that you’re using the right tags and category for your gig. This will be a quick check, but if you’re using an irrelevant category and tags that don’t match up with the buyer’s search intent (or if you’re not using tags at all), you could be missing out on some easy impressions.

4. Add Relevant Media

Fiverr also encourages sellers to use media in their gigs, such as photos and videos. The more relevant media you can include in your gig, the more information you’re giving Fiverr about what you’re offering. This, like a proper title and gig description, makes it easier for Fiverr to categorise your gigs and put them in front of buyers searching for your services.

5. Be Patient

Finally, it will take time to see your impressions go up on Fiverr. Patience is key on the platform for getting orders, but in the beginning you’ll likely not see any impressions at all on your gigs. They won’t come overnight when you’re a new seller, so don’t feel like you need to change your gig every day if you’re not seeing any movement.

Give it a few weeks, and if you are still seeing zero impressions, consider tweaking the title and the other things mentioned above to see if you gain traction. Once the impressions start coming in, you then need to be patient again to see if they start turning into clicks, and if clicks start turning into orders. Apply this same logic of waiting a few weeks to make any changes, and hopefully you’ll start seeing the orders flow in soon!

Do Fiverr Impressions Matter?

Gig impressions on Fiverr do matter. But when it comes to a gig’s performance metrics, impressions are not the most important thing to look at. Impressions reflect how often potential buyers view your gig. But if those buyers don’t click or buy your gig, then you won’t make any income.

Impressions are important. The higher number of impressions your gig has, the more chances there are of buyers seeing it and placing an order. But you also need a buyer to click on your gig to read more about it or contact you.

Information about your gig’s impressions is most useful when combined with your click and order numbers to understand your click through and order rates, as impressions alone won’t tell you much.

You Need Clicks Too

If your gig gets 5000 impressions per month, it may seem like a lot. However, if none of those impressions lead to orders or even clicks, it’s actually a bad sign! If you have a lot of impressions but not many clicks or orders, your gigs are good enough for Fiverr to put on the first pages of search results, but they’re not appealing enough for potential buyers to click on them.

Ideally you want to appear in front of as many potential buyers as possible, and so more impressions is generally a good thing. But the metrics to pay attention to are clicks and orders. Below is a table that illustrates what each of these numbers can mean when combined in different ways.

What Impressions Mean On Fiverr

ImpressionsClicksOrdersWhat This Means
HighHighHighHigh conversion rate – good stuff!
HighHighLowPeople are seeing your gigs but you need to make them more appealing so they place orders
HighLowLowLots of eyes on your gigs but nobody clicking through – tweak the title and primary image
LowHighHighNot being seen by many people but your gig is good at converting those who do see it!
LowHighLowLow exposure, high interest, but nobody is committing to orders – tweak description and add media
LowLowLowUpdate your gig per the tips above, or consider offering a different service

How Many Impressions Is Good On Fiverr?

There is no specific number of Fiverr impressions that is deemed good, as what is important are your click through and order rates. You want a high order to impression ratio, as this tells you that your gig is appealing to buyers and provides them with what they want to see.

Obviously you want your number of impressions to be above zero, as otherwise your gigs wouldn’t be appearing in the search results. But this takes time, so don’t expect to create a gig and get impressions on it the very next day. It can take days, weeks or even months to start ranking on page one of the search results on Fiverr, and this depends on a wide variety of factors.

How Many Fiverr Impressions Do You Need To Get A Click?

There is no set number of Fiverr impressions that you need to get a click. Generally, you might expect to get 100 impressions per click (a 1% CTR), although the higher you rank on search results the more impressions you’ll get without necessarily seeing the same rise in clicks.

If you’re on page 2 for example, you might get 500 gig impressions and a handful of clicks. If your gig suddenly ends up on page one, you’re naturally going to appear in front of so many more people as many Fiverr buyers will only browse the first page for a given search term. This this could boost your impressions 5-10 times, but it might not boost your clicks by the same amount depending on how attractive your gig is to buyers. 

So, as should hopefully be clear by now, it’s not just your impressions that count. But boosting how many impressions you get is one way to try and increase your earnings on Fiverr.

Final Thoughts

Getting impressions on Fiverr can seem tough when you first start out, but they’re not the most important thing on the platform. By ensuring your gigs are optimized, and by being a little patient, you’ll start getting more impressions and more orders in no time!

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