9 Freelance Writing Niches With Low Competition

Freelance writing provides a great opportunity to make money on your own terms. But with so many writers competing for the same projects, it can be difficult to break into certain markets. That’s why it’s important to find freelance writing niches that have lower competition but still offer good returns.

9 freelance writing niches with low competition are:

  1. Sustainable living and eco-friendly topics
  2. Vintage fashion
  3. Ethical and fair trade products
  4. Minimalism and decluttering
  5. Ethical investing and socially responsible finance
  6. Sustainable agriculture and organic farming
  7. Historical and cultural heritage preservation
  8. Sustainable fashion and ethical clothing brands
  9. Green building and eco-friendly architecture

While no niche is truly low competition, simply due to the vast numbers of freelance writers and now the emergence of AI writing tools, the niches I’ll discuss in more detail below are some that still offer good income opportunities for those with the right knowledge.

I should note straight away that as these are lower competition niches, they are naturally going to still be tough to find jobs in. That’s because they are very specialized, and you’ll likely need to do some outreach to find clients in these spaces. However, if you do, there are golden freelance writing opportunities in here!

9 Freelance Writing Niches With Low Competition

1. Sustainable Living And Eco-Friendly Topics

The sustainable living and eco-friendly niche is ideal for freelance writers who want to write about green initiatives and environmental consciousness without facing too much competition from other freelancers.

There are many opportunities in this niche, since businesses and organizations need content related to sustainability, renewable energy, climate change, pollution control, waste management etc. Plus, more and more people are becoming increasingly interested in learning how they can help the environment through small changes that can make an impact over time.

2. Vintage Fashion

The vintage fashion and style niche offers plenty of opportunity for creative expression as well as practical advice on creating stylish looks using secondhand clothing items or thrifted accessories.

Freelance writers can explore all facets of vintage fashion – from sourcing unique pieces at flea markets or online stores to styling them into modern outfits, and from caring for delicate fabrics to preserving vintage garments. If you struggle to find clients in this niche, it could be a good topic to start your own website about!

3. Ethical And Fair Trade Products

The ethical and fair trade products niche is a great entry point for freelance writers who are passionate about social justice and environmental responsibility. This field covers topics related to:

  • Sourcing materials ethically
  • Ensuring labor rights
  • Providing safe working conditions
  • Using sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Creating eco-friendly packaging

Freelance writers in this niche can help businesses promote their ethical practices as well as inform readers about the importance of supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability, animal welfare and human rights.

4. Minimalism And Decluttering

The minimalism and decluttering niche is ideal for freelance writers who want to help people become more intentional with their possessions and strive for a simpler, clutter-free lifestyle.

This niche covers topics such as:

  • Getting rid of unwanted items
  • Organizing living spaces
  • Creating capsule wardrobes
  • Embracing sustainable consumption habits

5. Ethical Investing And Socially Responsible Finance

The ethical investing and socially responsible finance niche is ideal for freelance writers who are passionate about making a difference in the (you guessed it) financial world through their writing.

Freelance writers in this niche can explore topics related to:

  • Impact investing
  • Capital allocation strategies that prioritize environmental sustainability or social responsibility initiatives
  • Green banking products
  • ESG (environmental, social, governance) reporting standards

With an increasing number of people wanting to invest in companies that align with their values, this niche is poised to become even more popular in the future.

6. Sustainable Agriculture And Organic Farming

The sustainable agriculture and organic farming niche offers plenty of opportunity for freelance writers who are interested in promoting practices that support a healthy environment.

Freelance writers can explore topics related to soil management, permaculture, water conservation, crop rotation techniques, animal welfare standards, and more.

This field (pardon the pun) is particularly important for tackling global hunger, poverty, and climate change since it involves supporting more sustainable methods of food production.

7. Historical And Cultural Heritage Preservation

The historical and cultural heritage preservation niche provides an interesting mix of educational content and exploration into the past. This niche includes topics like preserving traditional craftsmanship, saving architectural monuments, safeguarding indigenous cultures and languages, and researching family histories.

This niche is particularly important for ensuring that our future generations can learn about the rich history of humanity. However, it’s definitely one that’ll be challenging to find clients in.

8. Sustainable Fashion And Ethical Clothing Brands

Sustainable fashion and ethical clothing brands are a great niche for freelance writers who want to combine their love of writing with their passion for environmental responsibility (and fashion of course).

This niche covers topics related to how businesses are creating eco-friendly clothing, sourcing materials responsibly, using sustainable manufacturing processes, and promoting transparency in the supply chain.

Freelance writers can write about the latest trends in ethical fashion, helping readers find stylish yet sustainable items that align with their values. They can also provide insight into the practices of different clothing brands and help educate people on why it’s important to shop sustainably.

I wouldn’t be surprised if big clothing brands hire freelance writers for these kinds of topics in the future, as sustainability becomes more and more important.

9. Green Building And Eco-Friendly Architecture

The green building and eco-friendly architecture niche is ideal for freelance writers who are passionate about promoting practices that reduce environmental impact. Sustainable construction materials, energy efficiency in buildings, water conservation technologies, and renewable energy sources are all topics related to this niche.

This niche likely needs a fair bit of expertise, and some clients may actually require some additional qualifications (think architecture and engineering). However, it could definitely be a profitable one if you’ve got the right skill set.

Which Freelance Writing Niche Is Right For You?

These are just some of the many different lower competition freelance writing niches out there. If you’re unsure if writing is for you, consider checking out our list of low competition freelancing skills instead.

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