Fiverr Business Account vs Personal Account: Key Differences

Fiverr Business vs Fiverr Personal

If you’re a freelancer on Fiverr or want to hire some for your projects, you’re likely aware of the Business section of the platform. But you may not be sure what the differences are between a Fiverr personal account and a Fiverr Business account.

The main difference between a Fiverr personal account and a business account is that a Fiverr Business account is optimized for large teams, while the personal account is ideal for any kind of buyer. Both are free to use, and both have access to Fiverr’s huge 3+ million seller base.

Below, we go into more detail about Fiverr’s personal and Business accounts so that you can decide which one is right for you. We’ll also discuss how you can convert your personal account into a Business account later down the line.

Note: Fiverr Business is now called Fiverr Pro, but it’s largely just a rebrand, and the features mentioned here still apply!

What Is The Difference Between Fiverr & Fiverr Business?

Fiverr Business is designed to help large teams collaborate on lots of projects with various different freelancers with ease. It’s a platform with integrated payment methods, communication channels, and even project managers, all of which are there to help make working on projects with multiple freelancers as easy as possible.

Fiverr Business is essentially a service within a service, as it still operates on the main Fiverr platform. Anyone can sign up for a Fiverr Business account, although it’s really best for larger teams. Solo ventures likely won’t be able to take full advantage of the features that Fiverr Business has to offer, but it could still be worth trying if you think you might grow your team in the future.

Collaboration Tools

The collaboration tools are designed to allow you and your team to communicate about all of your various projects in one place. You can add one payment method to be used across all of these projects, and set a monthly budget so that nobody can spend more than they should.

The Fiverr Business Catalog

You get access to Fiverr’s business catalog of freelancers, which are sellers Fiverr deem to be high quality. You can access freelancers in a wide variety of niches and for a range of prices that suit your project’s budget. You can also save freelancers to various lists for easy access when a new project arises. Overall, it’s a great system for larger teams that need a simple all-in-one collaboration tool. But can you use it for free?

Do You Have To Pay For A Fiverr Business Account?

You do not have to pay for a Fiverr Business account. There used to be an annual charge of $149, but Fiverr recently changed the system to offer it for free to everyone. It’s free to make a Business account, and it doesn’t cost anything to convert your existing account into a Fiverr Business account either.

How To Convert Fiverr Personal Account To A Business Account

The 6 steps to convert a personal Fiverr account to a Business account are:

  1. Visit this page
  2. Log in to Fiverr
  3. Select the option to merge your accounts
  4. Accept Fiverr’s terms of service
  5. Click Convert my account when prompted
  6. Verify your account email address

You should note that if you choose to convert your Fiverr personal account to a Business account by merging the two, you will lose access to any funds that were in your personal account. To get a refund, you’ll need to contact Fiverr’s customer service team, so we recommend using these funds before you convert your account to avoid any hassle.

Note that only buyers can convert their personal account to a Fiverr Business account. If you’re a seller, you’ll be asked to create a separate account for your business projects. You don’t need to delete your Fiverr account, but you will need to use a different email address.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr Business and Fiverr personal accounts are different in that a Fiverr Business account is designed to make collaboration between large teams easier. You can use this to coordinate communications and payments with many team members and save freelancers for future projects. A personal Fiverr account is simply a basic buyer account.

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