The 6 Key Benefits Of Fiverr Business (Ultimate Guide)

The Key Benefits Of Fiverr Business

Fiverr Business was created in 2020 as a section of the platform specifically designed for larger teams. But if you’re new to the idea of outsourcing on the platform, you might be wondering what the benefits of Fiverr Business are and if it’s worth it.

The 6 key benefits of Fiverr Business are:

  1. Easy collaboration between teams
  2. One payment method and budget
  3. You can save your favorite freelancers
  4. You can access Fiverr’s Business catalog
  5. You get your own success manager
  6. You can save money

Below, we go into each of these benefits in more detail to help you decide if Fiverr Business is worth it for you. But first, let’s give you an overview of what Fiverr Business actually is.

Note: Fiverr Business is now called Fiverr Pro, but it’s largely just a rebrand, and the features mentioned here still apply! You can learn more about the platform in my guide to Fiverr Pro for businesses.

What Is Fiverr Business?

Fiverr Business is a section of the Fiverr platform that caters specifically to businesses. It offers a suite of collaboration tools that allow teams to work together with freelancers on different projects, all using one payment method and with the ability to save specific freelancers to lists.

The goal of the service is to make it easier for teams to work together on lots of different projects at once with lots of different freelancers. Fiverr Business accounts are separate from regular personal accounts, and you’ll use a separate interface on the Fiverr website for your business activities.

You can create a Fiverr Business account easily, and you can do it even if you’ve never used the platform before. You can choose to turn your existing account into a Business account, or you can keep them separate.

Are Fiverr Business Accounts Free?

Fiverr Business accounts are free to set up and free to use, with no charges other than what you pay the freelancers that you hire. The business account used to come with a $149 fee, but Fiverr recently changed their systems to make business accounts free to use.

The 6 Key Benefits Of Fiverr Business

1. Easy Collaboration Between Teams

The main benefit of Fiverr Business comes in the form of its suite of collaboration tools that teams can use. These allow larger teams to communicate through one platform rather than emailing and messaging between various different projects. Team members can communicate with freelancers, managers, and those on other projects with ease.

Multiple people can be in communication with the freelancer at once, allowing for easy communication of ideas between different members of the team. It’s also easy to set up projects and add people to different teams, making it an all in one project management solution.

2. One Payment Method And Budget

You can add one payment method to your Fiverr Business account and everyone on the team across all projects will be able to use this to pay for freelancer services. You can set a budget too, which means nobody will be able to spend more than the allotted amount for that given time period. This makes it easy to track and adjust spending as your needs evolve.

3. You Can Save Your Favorite Freelancers

If you work with a freelancer and really like what they do, you can save them to a list for easy access later on. You can then build up lists of freelancers that you can dip into any time you need a specific service. You might have lists for creative freelancers and one for copywriters for example, and this makes it easy to find the right freelancers for the job when a new project comes up.

4. You Can Access Fiverr’s Business Catalog

Aside from being able to save freelancers you like for future use, you’re also able to access Fiverr’s curated Business catalog. This is a list of freelancers that Fiverr believes to be some of the best on the platform, and you’ll be able to browse these when you’re looking for people for your next project. There are freelancers from over 500 categories to choose from, so there’s bound to be plenty of potential candidates for your project’s needs.

You’ll still be able to sort and filter these freelancers, but it’s a handy method Fiverr uses to streamline your search to let you get to work on your projects sooner. But you don’t need to be the one finding the freelancers…

5. You Get Your Own Success Manager

Fiverr also gives you your own success manager when you create a Fiverr Business account. These are members of Fiverr’s team that work to make your life as a Business account operator as easy as possible. Your success manager will help match you up with freelancers suited to your specific project’s needs, streamlining the entire proceeds even further and taking some of the work off your plate.

These success managers can also function as project managers, working with your teams (and handpicked freelancers) to move your projects along from start to finish.

6. You Can Save Money

Perhaps the most important benefit of Fiverr Business is that you can save some money. Fiverr is designed for fast, cost effective outsourcing, and at a business scale it’s a great way to save money on hiring and payroll costs. You pay freelancers per task, making Fiverr Business a very flexible way to get your work done.

Which Freelancers Can Be A Part Of Fiverr Business?

All freelancers can be a part of Fiverr Business as long as Fiverr deems their services to be of high enough quality to be included in the Business catalog. Fiverr regularly evaluates freelancers in the Business catalog to ensure various standards are continually being met.

Freelancers can be in both the Business catalog and the standard Fiverr catalog without having to change anything on their end. They won’t be Fiverr Business clients themselves, but instead they use a standard Fiverr account.

Freelancers in the Business catalog need to be professionals in their industry, offering high-quality services and knowledge of their field. You don’t need any qualifications or lots of experience to get into the Fiverr Business catalog, but it can help if you do have these, depending on the service.

Is Fiverr Business Worth It?

Fiverr Business is worth it for large teams that work on a lot of projects that could benefit from outsourcing tasks to freelancers. Fiverr Business is probably not worth it for individuals or small teams that don’t need many of the collaboration features that Fiverr Business has to offer.

Fiverr Business is free, so it may be worth trying out anyway to see if you can benefit from these features. But the platform is really designed for large teams that need a streamlined experience with easy communication between team members and freelancers. If you only use Fiverr once a month to outsource one or two tasks, it’s probably not worth it.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr Business has lots of benefits for large teams that need to work with a lot of freelancers. It streamlines the project management process, and it allows you and your team to work seamlessly with lots of freelancers at once, all with one tool, so you can keep your inbox tidy! You can create a free Fiverr Business account here.

We also have a guide specifically discussing using Fiverr to build a business, which provides some useful tips for finding the right freelancers for your business’ needs.

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