Fiverr Business vs Fiverr Pro: The Differences Explained

Fiverr Business vs Fiverr Pro.

If you’re a buyer or a seller on Fiverr, you’ve likely heard of the Pro and Business sections of the platform. However, you may not know what the differences are between Fiverr Business and Fiverr Pro.

The main difference between Fiverr Business and Fiverr Pro is that Fiverr Business is a service designed to streamline collaboration between large teams, while Fiverr Pro is a designation a freelancer can earn if they offer high-quality, professional services. Both are free to use and obtain.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about Fiverr Business and Fiverr Pro so you can understand what each one means for a buyer and a seller. We’ll also discuss how you can achieve Fiverr Pro, and how you can improve your chances of being included in Fiverr’s Business catalog.

Note: Fiverr Business is now called Fiverr Pro, but it’s largely just a rebrand, and most of the features here still apply. Because ‘Pro’ still means something different depending on whether you’re a buyer or a seller, I’ve continued to call them Business vs Pro for the sake of this article.

What Is Fiverr Business?

Fiverr Business is a platform designed to allow large teams to collaborate seamlessly with freelancers across a range of projects. Businesses can use it to coordinate teams, manage many different timelines at once, and make use of Fiverr’s success managers.

Fiverr Business was launched in 2020 as a way to help businesses get more out of the platform. It’s not a separate platform to Fiverr, and it makes use of many of the systems you may be familiar with if you’ve used the site before. However, as a Fiverr Business client, you are armed with more tools to help improve how the platform works for you and your team.

You get access to a catalog of freelancers that are picked by Fiverr as being among the best in their categories. You can then work with these freelancers and save them to various lists to be easily accessed again for future projects. All the while, your dedicated project success manager will help you manage time and budget across the various milestones you set to help your team work more efficiently.

What Is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro is a designation that some freelancers get on their gigs if they apply for it and Fiverr deems their services to be of a professional standard. Fiverr staff manually assess applications, so only those that offer high-quality, Fiverr-verified services attain Fiverr Pro status.

Fiverr Pro is available to freelancers in a range of niches, but not every category is included yet. The gig categories that are currently eligible for Fiverr Pro include:

  • Writing and Translation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Music and Audio
  • Video and Animation
  • Programming and Tech
  • Graphic and Design

Freelancers with the Pro verified badge usually have years of experience in their industry, and they offer expertise that goes above and beyond other sellers in their category. These sellers may be more likely to be shown to Fiverr Business clients in the freelancer catalogs, but it’s not a guarantee. You do not need to have Fiverr Pro status on your gig to be eligible for the Fiverr Business catalog.

What Is The Difference Between Fiverr Business & Fiverr Pro?

The main difference between Fiverr Business and Fiverr Pro is that Fiverr Business is designed to help teams collaborate with freelancers on a variety of projects, while Fiverr Pro is a tier of freelancers on the platform that are vetted by Fiverr’s staff to ensure they offer professional services.

Fiverr sellers don’t normally have to verify their skills and only have to verify their identity in order to work on the platform. Fiverr Pro sellers on the other hand must apply to join this tier and verify their professional skills, which are manually checked by Fiverr staff.

Fiverr Business clients don’t need to go through any additional verification checks, and it is a platform for clients, not sellers.

How Do Freelancers Get On Fiverr Business?

Freelancers get on Fiverr Business by having their gigs selected by Fiverr as being of high enough quality to be added to the Fiverr Business catalog. Fiverr sellers in many different categories can be eligible for Fiverr Business, and it is not limited to Pro sellers.

Fiverr regularly evaluates sellers to ensure they are offering quality services worthy of being in the Fiverr Business catalog. As these sellers are effectively being advertised as some of the best that Fiverr has to offer to Business clients, Fiverr wants to ensure they’re advertising the right people.

High standards are expected in the Fiverr Business catalog, and so if you plan to get on Fiverr Business you need to ensure you meet the basic requirements and go above and beyond for clients.

To get into Fiverr Business as a freelancer, you should aim to:

  • Always deliver on time
  • Communicate effectively and promptly with clients
  • Deliver high-quality work
  • Be courteous with sellers
  • Abide by Fiverr’s terms of service

If you get into the Fiverr Business catalog with one or more of your gigs, you’ll still be visible in the regular search results for those gigs. However, you’ll be prioritized in the Business listings sections, which may lead to more work from potential repeat buyers that use the Business arm of the platform.

You’ll know you’re working with a Fiverr Business client as you’ll get a notification when they place an order. You may be working with a team of people rather than one person,  and you should bear this in mind for the duration of the project.

How Do Freelancers Get Fiverr Pro?

Freelancers get Fiverr Pro by applying for it and having their application accepted by Fiverr staff. You apply for Fiverr Pro on a per gig basis, meaning your profile does not become Fiverr Pro level like for other seller levels, and it’s only your Pro gig that gets the designation and benefits.

Fiverr Pro is only available to freelancers in certain categories, and there’s no guarantee that your application will be accepted.

It’s estimated that only about 1% of Fiverr Pro applicants are successful

Is Fiverr Pro Worth It For Sellers?

Fiverr Pro is generally worth it for sellers as it allows them to have Fiverr certification that they offer professional services. While it’s no guarantee that you’ll make more money as a Pro seller, it’s extra credibility that buyers can use to decide if they should hire you or not.

There’s no real downside to having a Fiverr Pro gig. You could argue that you’re potentially pricing yourself outside the budgets of a lot of buyers, but the people searching for Pro gigs are likely expecting to pay more anyway. So, while you may not be able to capture the full buyer market in your given category with a Pro gig, you can usually charge more for your higher quality services to compensate for this.

But if you have found decent success with your Fiverr gigs, it may not be worth trying to go Pro. Sometimes the services we offer just don’t need the professional badge. Not all buyers expect a “professional” level of service (the meaning of which varies between services), and so it may not be worth applying for Fiverr Pro.

Final Thoughts

The main difference between Fiverr Pro and Fiverr Business is that Fiverr Pro is a level designation assigned to seller gigs, while Fiverr Business is a system designed to help buyers with large teams collaborate with ease on the Fiverr platform.

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