What Is Fiverr Pro? (For Buyers & Sellers)

Fiverr Pro has changed a lot in recent years, and now it’s a platform designed specifically for businesses looking to hire specialized freelancers. Whether you’re a buyer or a freelancer on the platform, it’s important to know what Fiverr Pro means for your business.

Fiverr Pro is Fiverr’s premium service. Fiverr Pro connects buyers looking for highly-skilled freelancers with qualified sellers. To join, sellers must have their skills and experience verified by Fiverr. Businesses hiring freelancers through Fiverr Pro can benefit from a variety of exclusive services.

In this guide, I’ll go through what Fiverr Pro is in more detail, and whether it’s worth using as either a buyer or a freelancer.

Note: Fiverr Pro used to just refer to the seller level, but things changed in 2023. Now, what was previously Fiverr Business is now called Fiverr Pro. I’ll discuss the changes in more detail in this article, but I wanted to clear things up from the start!

Fiverr Pro Explained

Fiverr Pro is a marketplace of vetted professional sellers. It’s designed for buyers who are seeking premium services and are prepared to pay accordingly. Fiverr Pro sellers offer high-quality work and customer service, and their rates reflect this.

Launched in 2017, Fiverr Pro is designed to showcase and connect the top 1% of sellers to professional buyers. But it’s changed since then, and has now taken the place of the old Fiverr Business platform. This change was announced in the summer of 2023.

To become a Fiverr Pro seller, you must apply. Fiverr assesses each application and vets sellers in terms of the quality of their work and their level of service. So when buyers purchase a gig from Fiverr Pro, they know they’re connecting with qualified, experienced freelancers.

If you’re approved as a Pro seller, you must follow Fiver’s guidelines and responsibilities. These set out the high standards Fiverr expects from Pro sellers. Failure to follow these rules may lead to Fiverr removing your Pro seller badge.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Fiverr Pro?

It’s free to join Fiverr Pro. While there’s no Fiverr Pro membership fee, Fiverr takes its usual cut from every order. Buyers must also pay the usual service fees. You can see how much these cost using our Fiverr fee calculator.

Fiverr vs Fiverr Pro

Fiverr and Fiverr Pro are part of the same platform. They both offer a range of services at varying price points. The gig buying process also works similarly between the two platforms. You can learn more about the advantages in our guide to the benefits of Fiverr Pro for businesses.

Fiverr Pro aims to offer buyers access to a higher level of talent. While Fiverr always verifies a seller’s identity, Fiverr Pro goes one step further, verifying their qualifications and skills. Fiverr Pro showcases the best freelancing talent available on the platform.

This means the gig prices are usually higher on Fiverr Pro. So from a seller’s perspective, the earning potential is higher on Fiverr Pro.

Sound good? Then let’s see how to become a Pro seller.

How Do You Become A Pro Seller on Fiverr?

You need to apply to become a Fiverr Pro seller. The application process looks at your professional experience, education, and previous work. Fiverr reviews all applications and decides whether a seller can start selling on Fiverr Pro.  

Whether you’ve freelanced on Fiverr for years or only joined the platform yesterday, you can apply for Fiverr Pro (but that doesn’t mean you’ll get accepted!). The main criteria you need to apply is a portfolio of previous work.

How To Apply For Fiverr Pro

Here’s how to apply to become a Fiverr Pro seller in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to this page and log in to your Fiverr account. You’ll need to give the application software access to your account and then select the option to apply for Fiverr Pro.
  2. Fill out the application form. This involves answering some basic questions and showing the Fiverr verification team why you should be accepted. You will need to include your resume, a portfolio, case studies, references, social media information, and other documents to verify your identity.
  3. Once you’ve completed the application, submit it!

Fiverr will then review your application. This can take several weeks and Fiverr may contact you for further information.

Keep in mind that if Fiverr approves your application, you can only sell gigs within the service category you applied for. If you want to later expand your gigs to another category, you’ll need to submit another application.

It’s common for existing Fiverr sellers to apply to become a Pro seller. If this is you, you might wonder what happens to your existing gigs if Fiverr approves your application.

Existing Gigs & Fiverr Pro

If you want to convert your existing gigs to Pro gigs, you’ll need to make a request to Fiverr. The Fiverr team then reviews the gig and decides whether or not to convert it. When considering this, they look at factors like the quality of the gig, your previous communications with buyers, and any terms of service violations relating to the gig.

When applying to become a Fiverr Pro seller, you need to put your best foot forward. Let’s look at how you can do this.

Tips For Applying To Become A Fiverr Pro Seller

Here are our tips for preparing a strong application to become a Fiverr Pro seller:

  • Spend time putting your application together. It’s similar to preparing a pitch to a freelance client. Put the effort into curating an impressive portfolio and presenting it in a professional, persuasive way.
  • Don’t be afraid to promote yourself and your work. Fiverr wants to see the type and quality of work you produce. So make sure you present your best work and your professional achievements. Now is not the time to be shy!
  • Explain your process. Fiverr needs to understand how you work to decide whether you’re a good match for professional-level buyers.
  • Don’t forget to include examples of your work. This is the easiest way to demonstrate why you belong on Fiverr Pro. Provide samples that show the range and quality of your work, as well as any notable clients you’ve worked with.
  • Include your social media accounts. This helps with the verification process and may also provide more examples of your previous work.
  • Triple check your application. Make sure the information is complete and accurate to help Fiverr verify it. Also check for any typos or other mistakes. Your application should be high quality, like your work and customer service.

Is It Hard To Get On Fiverr Pro?

It’s harder to start selling on Fiverr Pro than on Fiverr’s standard platform. Fiverr sets a high bar for accepting sellers to Fiverr Pro and rejects many applications. But if you have the necessary professional abilities and experience, you have a better chance of being accepted. 

Fiverr approves a small percentage of the Fiverr Pro applications it receives from sellers. But if you’re an expert in your field and have the necessary level of experience, then it’s worth applying.

Keep in mind that if you do make it to Fiverr Pro, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Buyers have high expectations that you’ll need to meet, both in terms of the work you deliver and the customer service you provide.

If you don’t feel ready to apply to Fiverr Pro, or Fiverr rejects your application, don’t be deterred! You can reapply once you’ve built up more experience and grown your portfolio. In the meantime, focus on growing your business on the regular Fiverr. For example, work on increasing your seller level instead.

Given how difficult it is to be accepted to Fiverr Pro, you might be wondering whether it’s worth it.

Is Fiverr Pro Worth It?

Fiverr Pro is worth it for both buyers and sellers. As a buyer, you have access to verified expert sellers delivering a high standard of work. As a seller, you pay the standard Fiverr commission rates, while having access to higher-paid gigs.

Advantages Of Fiverr Pro For Buyers

If you’re a buyer looking for someone with specialized knowledge and experience, then Fiverr Pro is the marketplace for you. Fiverr Pro gives buyers access to a marketplace of sellers whose expertise has been verified by Fiverr.

This should guarantee that you’ll find someone with the necessary skills and experience to do the job.

Fiverr logo design search results with Pro seller filter.
Fiverr buyers can filter search results to only show Pro Verified sellers (note the high prices!)

Advantages Of Fiverr Pro For Sellers

Being approved by Fiverr Pro can significantly boost your credibility as a Fiverr seller. In turn, this can attract more serious clients. Fiverr Pro gives you access to new business opportunities with professional-level clients. These clients are sometimes larger, well-known companies that you can build long-term working relationships with.

As a Fiverr Pro seller, you’ll get a Pro badge on every Pro gig you offer. So buyers know that you’re offering professional-level services and that Fiverr has verified your credentials. This can allow you to charge higher rates for your work.

Fiverr Pro also offers higher price limits for gigs than the standard platform. Fiverr Pro sellers can price their gigs up to $20,000 and custom offers up to $50,000.

A final benefit of Fiverr Pro for sellers is the shorter payment clearance period. On Fiverr, you’re paid as soon as the gig is marked as complete. However, Fiverr then holds the funds before they’re released to the seller. On the standard platform, Fiverr holds these funds for 14 days. For Fiverr Pro sellers, this reduces to 7 days.

Tips For Using Fiverr Pro

If you’re interested in using Fiverr Pro as a buyer or seller, here are some tips to make the most of it:

Tips For Buyers

  • Compare sellers: Like the standard Fiverr platform, it pays to compare several freelancers before purchasing a gig. This will help you find the best person for the job, for the best price.
  • Always communicate with a seller before buying a gig: This way you can iron out any issues before committing to a gig. Fiverr Pro sellers offer excellent customer service and are very responsive to buyer messages.
  • Save your favorite sellers: Given the high quality of sellers on Fiverr Pro, you might find a freelancer you want to work with again in the future. Save their profile so it’s easier to find them again.

Tips For Sellers

  • Craft compelling gig titles: Summarize what the gig is in a clear, succinct way. Including the right keywords is essential to appear in buyers’ search results.
  • Add an impactful image to your gig: Adding an image to your gig is another opportunity to convey your professionalism and attract the attention of buyers.
  • Also consider adding a video to your gig: It’s another way to make your gig stand out. It helps buyers understand how you approach your work and reassures them of your ability to complete the gig.

Fiverr Pro: A Marketplace Of Experts

Fiverr Pro aims to match professional buyers with vetted, expert-level sellers. If you’re a seller with extensive experience in your area, you should consider applying to join Fiverr Pro. This will increase your earning potential by connecting you with serious clients willing to pay top dollar for your expertise.

If you’re looking to join the platform but don’t have much past experience, check out our guide to getting started as a freelancer with no experience.

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