What Is Fiverr’s Minimum Withdrawal Limit? (Explained)

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Fiverr has various restrictions on earnings and when you can withdraw them. If you’re a newbie on Fiverr, you might be wondering if there is a minimum withdrawal limit when it comes to taking out your money.

Fiverr has the following withdrawal limits:

  • PayPal – $1
  • Fiverr Revenue Card – $30
  • Bank Transfer – $20
  • Direct Deposit – $10

So, depending on how you withdraw your money from Fiverr, you’ll be subject to different withdrawal limits. But there are also some maximum withdrawal limits to be aware of, as well as fees too. We cover all of this in detail below.

Why Does Fiverr Have A Minimum Withdrawal Limit?

Fiverr likely has a minimum withdrawal limit because the various payment methods you can use to withdraw your earnings charge Fiverr small fees per transaction. It costs to move money between the two, making fewer, larger transactions cheaper for Fiverr.

Essentially, payment providers will charge Fiverr to allow them to offer you the convenience of withdrawing via a third party payment provider. The fee is small, but it adds up over the course of hundreds of transactions each day. This means Fiverr would ideally have fewer transactions take place (in the form of your withdrawals) to minimize the impact of these fees.

These fees are common in online industries, and let’s imagine the fees were 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. This would mean that any time someone buys from your website, you lose 2.9% of the order amount in fees, plus a flat rate of $0.30. Note that these numbers are for demonstration purposes only, as we obviously don’t know the rates Fiverr gets from its payment providers.

An Example

Let’s imagine two customers spend $100 on your site each, with one buying one product and another buying 10 products at $10 each, with separate transactions for each one over the course of a month.

The fees for each set of transactions would look like this:

1 Transaction

Total Fees = (0.029 x $100) + $0.30 = $3.20

10 Transactions

Total Fees = ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) + ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) + ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) + ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) + ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) + ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) + ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) + ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) + ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) + ((0.029 x $10) + $0.30) = $32

As you can see, the small fee adds up over multiple transactions to be a greater amount (10 times bigger in our example!) than if the same value was exchanged in just one transaction. This is why Fiverr would rather you withdrew your money in larger chunks, hence the minimum withdrawal limit.

Note that it doesn’t matter what the specific fees and rates are. If there’s a flat rate charge involved alongside the percentage fee, it’s always going to be cheaper for the merchant to deal with fewer transactions.

Can You Withdraw Less Than $10 On Fiverr?

You can withdraw less than $10 on Fiverr if you use PayPal to do so. The minimum withdrawal limit on PayPal is $1, while it is $10 or more for each of the other available withdrawal methods. Withdrawing your Fiverr earnings through PayPal also doesn’t come with any additional fees.

As you’ll see below, each of the other withdrawal services come with higher minimum withdrawal limits than PayPal. So, if you really need to withdraw less than $10 at a time, PayPal is the only way to do it.

Fiverr PayPal Minimum Withdrawal Limit

Fiverr’s minimum withdrawal limit through PayPal is $1. This is the smallest withdrawal limit of all the withdrawal methods on the platform, and there are no fees attached. This means PayPal is the most lucrative withdrawal option if it’s available to you and you plan to make many small withdrawals.

Fiverr Payoneer Minimum Withdrawal Limit

Fiverr’s withdrawal limit for Payoneer will depend on which of Payoneer’s services you withdraw through. The Bank Transfer, Fiverr Revenue Card and Direct Deposit options all use Payoneer, but they each come with different limits and fees that you should be aware of.

With each of the Payoneer withdrawal methods, you can make one withdrawal per 24-hour period. The maximum daily withdrawal limit through Payoneer services is $5,000. The fees will vary depending on the specific method you use (see below). There may also be conversion fees if you’re withdrawing in a currency other than USD.

Fiverr Bank Transfer Minimum Withdrawal Limit

The minimum withdrawal limit for using Bank Transfer to withdraw Fiverr earnings is $20. However, you’ll only be able to make a withdrawal once you earn a total of $50 if you’re outside the USA. There is also a $3 charge per withdrawal.

Fiverr Revenue Card Minimum Withdrawal Limit

The minimum withdrawal limit for the Fiverr revenue card is $30, and there is a $3 fee per withdrawal. This option is not available everywhere, and it is unavailable in Russia and India.

Fiverr Direct Deposit Withdrawal Limit

Fiverr’s withdrawal limit for Direct Deposit is $10. There is also a $1 charge per withdrawal when you use this method. However, this method is only available to those in the USA.

How Many Times Can You Withdraw On Fiverr?

You can withdraw your money from Fiverr once per day and there is a daily withdrawal limit of $5,000. As most payment methods come with fees attached, it’s usually best to batch your withdrawals from the platform to save money (unless you use PayPal, which has no fees attached).

Final Thoughts

Fiverr withdrawal limits vary depending on the withdrawal method you use. The limit can be as little as $1 for PayPal users, or as much as $30 if you use the Fiverr Revenue Card. The maximum daily withdrawal limit is $5,000.

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