Can You Get A Fiverr Refund To Your Bank Account?

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Hopefully you rarely encounter refunds and cancellations on Fiverr, but it does happen from time to time. So, you might be wondering if you’ll be able to get a refund to your bank account when you initiate one on Fiverr.

You can get refunds directly to your bank account on Fiverr, but it doesn’t happen automatically. If you need to refund an order, you can contact Fiverr’s customer support team to request that the funds be transferred to your bank account, but it must be the card you paid with.

Below, I’ll go into more detail about this issue, and explain how the Fiverr refund process works in more detail.

Getting Your Money Back On Fiverr

On Fiverr, when you cancel an order, the payment for that order will not be credited back to your original payment provider. Instead, these funds are placed into your Fiverr account balance as credit available for future purchases on the platform.

Fiverr’s Customer Support team is available to provide deposit refunds, when made available by your payment provider. In an effort to guard against fraud and misuse, Fiverr impose a limit on how many times you can request a refund.

Can You Withdraw Your Fiverr Balance As A Buyer?

Buyers are not able to withdraw their Fiverr balance as cash directly. The funds in your Fiverr account balance must be used for purchasing services from Fiverr sellers on the platform. However, as I explained above, you can withdraw refunds to your bank account by requesting it via customer support.

Sellers can only withdraw funds if they earned the revenue through Fiverr.

How Refunds Work On Fiverr

After a successful cancellation of an order, funds can be credited to your Fiverr Balance (or your Fiverr Business account balance). To receive a refund from Fiverr, customers must navigate to the Billing section on their Order Activity page or next to their Profile Picture, where they will find a “Request a Refund” button.

After clicking this button, you need to specify which type of refund you would like (PayPal or Credit Card) and submit it for processing. With PayPal refunds, users can expect to see the process completed within 24 hours of being processed by Customer Support. Credit card refunds typically take 7-10, but the process can take up to two weeks.

Final Thoughts

While you can get Fiverr refunds to your bank account, it does not happen automatically, and so you will need to get in touch with customer support. Thankfully, it’s a fairly straightforward process!

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