Cancelling Fiverr Orders: Everything You Need To Know

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Cancelling orders on Fiverr is an unfortunate inevitability for many buyers and freelancers on the platform. I’ve only had to deal with 4 cancellations in my time on the platform, and it can be daunting for beginners. So, what do you need to know about cancelling Fiverr orders?

In this article, I will explain everything there is to know about cancelling Fiverr orders, from what happens when an order gets cancelled, to how long does it take for a refund to go through, and why cancellations occur in the first place.

Note: Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, it’s best to try and avoid cancellations when possible. It creates a negative experience for everyone involved, and it can damage the reputation of the seller. However, sometimes they are required.

Types Of Fiverr Order Cancellation

Seller-Requested Cancellations

If a seller requests to terminate an order, it will be cancelled automatically if the buyer doesn’t respond within 48 hours.

Mutual Cancellations

If any issues arise with the order after it has been accepted, buyers and sellers can both express their concerns through the Resolution Center to request a mutual cancellation.

Within 48 hours of a cancellation request, the other party must accept or decline it. If no response is obtained after that time frame has elapsed, then the order will be cancelled automatically.

Forced Cancellation

As a buyer, you can swiftly cancel an order without needing to seek the approval of your seller if you have placed an order but not yet submitted any project details.

Delivery Is Late

After 24 hours of the expected delivery date, buyers can cancel the order if no mutual agreement has been established regarding an extension. You won’t need approval from the seller.

Cancel With An Open Dispute

To cancel an order with a pending dispute, you must first withdraw your original dispute from the orders page. Once you have done this, you can then cancel the order.

Can You Cancel Fiverr Orders As A Buyer?

Buyers can cancel orders on Fiverr. They have the option to cancel immediately before submitting their project requirements or they can cancel after 24 hours of the expected delivery (this is deemed “very late”).

Can A Buyer Cancel A Fiverr Order After Delivery?

Buyers can cancel Fiverr orders after delivery immediately or up to 14 days after the expected delivery. If more than 14 days have passed since the expected delivery, no refund is possible, and all funds will go to the seller.

How To Cancel Fiverr Orders As A Buyer

You can cancel your order in a few different ways as a buyer. The first is to access the Resolution Center.

Resolution Center

To cancel a Fiverr order via the Resolution Center:

  1. Go to your order page and select the order you want to resolve
  2. Click ‘View’
  3. Click “Resolution Center”
  4. Select the action you’d like to take
  5. View and/or withdraw your open disputes through the order page

If you select to get an update on the order, the seller has up to 48 hours to respond and provide an update. If the seller doesn’t respond within 48 hours, your order will stay open, but your buyer’s dispute will be resolved.

Whenever you make a cancellation request, your comments and the details of that request will be immediately delivered to the seller. Both of you will see each other’s feedback as soon as one party has submitted any dispute or cancellation request.

When a dispute is filed via the Resolution Center, it will be visible on the order page and sent to the other party, but Customer Support won’t receive any notification of this action. 

Open Disputes

To cancel an order with a current Resolution Center request, you must first withdraw your dispute from the orders page and then proceed to terminate the order. Withdrawing your claim on the orders page is essential before canceling. Once you do this, you can then cancel the order.

This won’t be possible if:

  • You already have an open dispute for a delivery date extension
  • You’ve already asked for an order update and haven’t yet received one
  • You have already requested to cancel the order

Forced Cancellation

If the seller doesn’t meet their original delivery date and there was no pre-determined agreement to extend it, you can cancel your order at any time after 24 hours of expected arrival without needing approval from them.

Can You Cancel Fiverr Orders As A Seller?

Sellers can cancel orders on Fiverr, although it is not recommended. If a seller requests to cancel, the order will only be automatically cancelled after 48 hours if your buyer fails to respond. They can dispute the cancellation request.

How To Cancel Fiverr Order As A Seller

The steps to cancel Fiverr orders as a seller are:

  1. Go to the order page and select the order you want to cancel
  2. Click ‘View’
  3. Select “Resolution Center”

The steps to ask a buyer to cancel an order are:

  1. Go to the order page and select the order you want to cancel
  2. Select “Resolution Center”
  3. Select the reason and provide an explanation for why you want to cancel the order
  4. Click “Cancel order”

Note: Buyers have 48 hours to accept or decline the dispute request. By cancelling an order, your request and any related comments are immediately sent to the buyer.

Does Fiverr Charge For Order Cancellations?

Fiverr does not charge for order cancellations.

Do Cancelled Fiverr Orders Affect Your Completion Rate?

Cancelled orders will not affect your completion rate as long as they are mutually agreed upon and the order is cancelled before work has begun. However, if an order is cancelled after work has been completed, it will negatively impact your completion rate. It’s best to discuss any issues with buyers to come to a mutual agreement before canceling an order.

In uncommon cases such as fraudulent purchases and buyers ordering by mistake, cancellations won’t damage your order completion rate. If you experience one of these scenarios, get in touch with Customer Support to determine the effect of the cancellation on your account. Note that it’s not guaranteed in these situations that your order completion rate will remain unaffected.

How Long Do Fiverr Order Cancellations Take?

Fiverr order cancellations typically take up to 48 hours to be processed. Once you have requested a cancellation, the other party will have up to 48 hours to accept or decline your request. If no response is received after that time period has elapsed, then the order will be cancelled automatically.

Do Fiverr Cancellations Give You A Full Refund?

Fiverr cancellations typically result in a full refund to the buyer. You will also be refunded any fees associated with the order. Note that refunds go to your Fiverr balance, and you need to request a refund to your bank account. You can do that here.

Final Thoughts

Order cancellations on Fiverr are fairly straightforward. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if an order is cancelled after work has begun, it could negatively impact your completion rate as a freelancer. Try to find a workaround before initiating any cancellations.

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