How To Rank Your Fiverr Gig On The First Page (7 Top Tips)

Fiverr search results showing lots of different gigs ranking on page 1.

As a new seller on Fiverr, you want to rank your gigs as fast as possible. The sooner they rank, the faster you’ll get orders, and the quicker you’ll be on the road to freelancing for a living! But ranking your Fiverr gig takes time and a whole lot of patience.

In this article, I’ll go through my top tips for ranking your Fiverr gigs on the first page of the search results so that you can start getting more orders. It took me a few weeks to get my first order, but my patience paid off and I soon earned enough money to quit my part-time job.

Now, I’m going to teach you how you can do the same!

7 Tips To Rank Your Fiverr Gig Higher

1. Optimize Your Gig Title For Keywords

First and foremost, when creating your Fiverr gig, pay attention to the keywords you include in the title. Think about the terms potential clients would use when searching for services like yours. By incorporating relevant keywords, you improve your chances of appearing in their search results.

Remember to keep the title concise, informative, and engaging to capture their attention. You get up to 80 characters (including spaces), and this doesn’t include the ‘I will’ at the start. If you need some inspiration, check out my list of Fiverr gig title examples.

2. Craft A Compelling Gig Description

Your gig description plays a significant role in convincing potential clients to choose your services. Take the time to write a compelling and detailed description that clearly outlines what you offer, highlights your expertise, and emphasizes the benefits clients will receive by working with you.

Make sure to include relevant keywords naturally throughout the description. For more tips, see my tips for crafting excellent Fiverr gig descriptions.

3. Select The Right Category & Tags

When setting up your gig, choose the most appropriate category that aligns with the services you provide. Selecting the correct category ensures that your gig appears in relevant search results. If you don’t choose the right category, you might appear on the first page of results, but for services you don’t offer, meaning nobody will click through to your gig!

Also use relevant tags that accurately describe your gig. Tags are essential for Fiverr’s search algorithm, so choose them wisely to increase your chances of ranking higher. I go into more detail on this in my guide to using Fiverr search tags.

4. Offer Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing can be a significant factor in attracting clients and ranking your gig higher. Research the market rates for similar services and set a competitive price point for your gig.

Consider offering different packages or gig extras to provide clients with options. Remember, your pricing should reflect the value you bring while also being competitive in the marketplace.

Setting your prices can be tough as a beginner. So, I have a full guide on Fiverr pricing that goes into more detail on how to do it!

5. Focus On Getting Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are like gold dust on Fiverr. They not only enhance your reputation but also increase your chances of ranking higher. I only got a trickle of interest on my first Fiverr gigs, but as soon as I got my first 5-star review it created a snowball effect and I started getting more orders each week.

Provide exceptional service to your clients and deliver outstanding results to encourage them to leave positive reviews. You don’t need to ask buyers for reviews (this can be flagged up as asking for positive reviews, which is against the terms of service). Fiverr automatically reminds buyers to leave reviews, so focus on providing service that’s great enough that a buyer will want to leave a 5-star review anyway.

6. Utilize Eye-Catching Images

Visual content plays a vital role in capturing attention and making your gig stand out. Use high-quality images (and videos if applicable) that showcase your work, highlight your expertise, and create a positive impression.

Ensure that your images are relevant, professional, and visually appealing. Compelling images can significantly impact a client’s decision to choose your gig over others. However, this will usually only be important for gigs with a creative focus. For more information, check out my guide to creating good Fiverr gig images.

7. Be Responsive

Finally, Fiverr values active and responsive sellers. Engage with potential clients by promptly responding to messages and order requests. Maintain a high level of professionalism in your communication, be attentive to clients’ needs, and provide timely updates on the progress of their projects.

Your responsiveness and active engagement don’t just demonstrate your commitment to delivering exceptional service, but they also matter for your seller level. Failing to respond to clients quickly often enough can hamper your progress, so there are many reasons to be a responsive seller!

Note: Since Fiverr removed Buyer Requests, ranking your gig highly in search results is the only way for most freelancers to get orders on the platform.

How To Check Fiverr Gig Rankings

After putting in the effort to optimize your Fiverr gig, you’ll naturally want to know how well it’s performing and where it stands in the search results. In this section, I’ll explore how you can check your Fiverr gig rankings.

Perform Manual Searches

One simple way to check your Fiverr gig’s rankings is by performing manual searches on the Fiverr platform. Open an incognito or private browsing window to ensure personalized search results don’t influence the rankings.

Use keywords related to your gig and see where it appears in the search results. Remember to scroll through several pages to get an accurate picture of its ranking. While search rankings may be different for people based on their location and other factors (and depending on whether they use search filters), this is an easy way to get a rough estimate of how your gig is ranking.

Note: Ensure you use keywords and search phrases your potential buyers are likely to use. For example, if you write website content, search for ‘write website content’ rather than just ‘website content,’ as the latter might bring up results for those that edit website content as well.

Check Your Analytics

Another more indirect way to see how your Fiverr gig is ranking is to look at the analytics for your gigs. This is different from the analytics page itself, as you’ll find these metrics under the gigs tab.

You’ll see each of your gigs and their impressions, clicks, orders and cancellations, and you can see data over a 30-day period all the way to the last 3 months. The more impressions your gig is getting, the more exposure it’s getting in the search results. However, more impressions doesn’t always correlate to higher gig rankings.

Instead, you’ll want to see a lot of impressions along with a lot of clicks. This implies your gig is appearing close to if not on page one, and potentially quite high up the page. It’s not an accurate measure of where your gig is ranking, but monitoring this over time will tell you if your gig is ranking better as time goes on.

Utilize Third-Party Fiverr Analytics Tools

Several third-party tools are available that can help you track and analyze your Fiverr gig rankings more comprehensively. These tools provide in-depth data on your gig’s performance, keyword rankings, and visibility.

However, the accuracy of these tools can vary, and I can’t vouch for any specific one. I would take any data they provide with a grain of salt, and consider doing manual searches instead.

Remember that Fiverr’s search algorithm considers various factors when determining gig rankings, such as relevance, performance, and customer satisfaction. Improving your gig’s rankings takes time, continuous optimization, and delivering exceptional service to your clients.

A far more important metric than where your gig is ranking is how many orders you’re getting! After all, impressions don’t pay the bills – satisfied clients do. That means you need to not only rank your Fiverr gig, but also provide high-quality services and package them in a marketable way. Let’s take a look at some mistakes to avoid when trying to rank your Fiverr gigs higher.

Mistakes To Avoid With Your Fiverr Gigs

Poorly Optimized Gig Titles & Descriptions

One of the biggest mistakes is not optimizing your gig titles and descriptions properly. Avoid vague or generic titles that don’t clearly convey what you offer. Instead, use descriptive keywords that potential clients are likely to search for.

Similarly, don’t neglect your gig description. Make sure it’s detailed, well-written, and highlights the unique value you bring to the table. If you need some inspiration, check out my list of Fiverr gig description templates.

Overpricing Or Underpricing Your Services

Pricing your services too high or too low can both be detrimental to your gig’s success. Overpricing may deter potential clients, while underpricing may undervalue your expertise and make you appear less professional.

Research what your competitors are offering, and at what price. Check competitors that are the same level as you, as buyers can filter by seller level. Doing this ensures your prices are somewhat in line with what buyers might expect to pay based on your experience. However, don’t get too bogged down trying to match your competitors – you need to be competitive while maintaining a sustainable freelancing operation!

Neglecting Gig Promotion

Sometimes, you can’t rely solely on Fiverr’s search algorithm to rank your gigs higher. Utilize social media platforms, personal websites or blogs, and other relevant channels to showcase your work, share client testimonials, and attract potential clients.

The more you actively market yourself, the better your chances of success. But you can also use Fiverr’s promoted gigs feature. This is where you can pay each day for Fiverr to promote your gig in the search results.

I’ve had mixed results when playing with this feature, but it may be the key to ranking your gigs higher if all else fails. It does cost though, so you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons before you commit to anything.

Poor Communication

Fiverr values sellers who are responsive and communicative. Avoid the mistake of being unresponsive or providing poor communication to clients. Respond to messages, inquiries, and order requests promptly and professionally.

Keep clients updated on the progress of their projects and be attentive to their needs and questions. Your responsiveness and professionalism will help set you apart from the competition.

Neglecting Continuous Improvement

Lastly, don’t fall into the trap of complacency. Freelancing is a dynamic field, and it’s important to stay updated and continuously improve your skills. Invest time in learning new techniques, staying current with industry trends, and enhancing your expertise. Being able to continuously learn and improve as a freelancer is absolutely vital to becoming successful.

Adapt your gig’s offerings, description, and visuals as you pick up new skills to remain competitive and appealing to clients. Don’t just expect what worked last year to continue working this year!

Ranking Your Fiverr Gig Takes Time

The one thing I can confidently say about how to rank your Fiverr gig is that you need to be patient.

I know it’s the boring answer that nobody wants to hear, but it’s true. It takes time to get your Fiverr gig on the first page, but once you do, provided you offer the right services and create a good gig overall, the orders will start coming in!

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