How To Promote Fiverr Gigs (5 Promotion Tips For Beginners)

Fiverr promoted gigs screen.

So, you’ve set up a seller account on Fiverr and created your first gig. What’s next? Now you need to attract interested buyers to purchase your gig! The best way to do this is by learning how to promote your Fiverr gig.

Our 5 tips to promote your Fiverr gigs are: 

  1. Optimize your gig
  2. Start a website
  3. Use social media
  4. Use cold pitching
  5. Use Fiverr’s Promoted Gigs

Below, take a closer look at all the ways you can promote your Fiverr gigs, including both free and paid methods. We’ll also discuss the best places to promote your Fiverr gigs, and whether or not Fiverr’s promotion tools are worth using.

Do You Need To Promote Fiverr Gigs?

You don’t need to promote your Fiverr gigs, but doing so can drive more traffic to them and lead to more orders. As you become more experienced on the platform and get more reviews, you will naturally move up the search rankings, but promoting your gigs can accelerate your earnings when done right.

Fiverr screen showing the option to share your gig to social media.
Fiverr will show this screen when you create your gig, giving you the option to share it to social media

There are lots of different ways to promote your gigs on Fiverr, and some will work better than others depending on the services you offer. Some will rely on you already having a following, while others will require specific skills in order to make the most of it.

However, as long as you work hard and provide quality results for your clients on Fiverr, you should never need to manually promote your gigs.

Can You Promote Your Fiverr Gigs For Free?

You can promote your Fiverr gigs for free through a variety of methods. If you already have a social media following, you could promote your gig through sites like Facebook and Instagram. You can also use cold emailing or general networking, or you could create your own website.

Generally, the free promotion methods will rely on you having an audience or connections to work with. Paid options, such as Fiverr’s promoted gigs, may be worth trying if you don’t have an existing following, but they do not guarantee a return on investment just because you pay the platform to do the promotional work for you. You still need to have quality gigs and provide quality service to see success!

5 Tips To Promote Your Fiverr Gigs

1. Optimize Your Gig

This is something you can do right away to help boost your Fiverr gigs in the search results. It’s ideal for beginners to make their gigs stand out, attract buyers, and build up their ratings, and it’s also entirely free.

You should optimize the following:

  • Your gig title
  • The description
  • Your images and other media
  • The gig’s categories and tags

If you optimize all of these things, it’s going to look better in the search results for one thing, but it’ll also be easier for Fiverr to put your gig in front of the right buyers. If you don’t optimize your gig’s title for the target buyer, you can’t expect Fiverr to simply put your gig at the top of the search results.

Likewise, you need to have a proper gig description, along with any relevant media that helps show off your services. These can be images of finished results (especially useful for creatives, like freelance graphic designers) or they could be videos where you walk through what a client should expect when they work with you.

No matter what services you offer, your gig can benefit from a few simple optimizations as a free, natural promotion method.

2. Start A Website

We’re also big fans of promoting your Fiverr gigs via your own website. Blogging is a great way to showcase your experience and demonstrate to buyers that you can provide a high-quality service. If you can be found elsewhere on the internet, you’re not only boosting the chances of someone finding you, but you’re also increasing your credibility.

Clearly, if you have a website that already brings in traffic, you could promote your Fiverr gig there. Fiverr even offers simple pieces of code you can embed with ease to link to your gig. However, the secondary benefit is that you can point potential clients (on the Fiverr platform) to your website to get a better understanding of your services and your experience.

This can make you appear more credible, which may boost your order rates. But as a promotional tool, this is going to be limited by how active you are on the site and how much traffic you receive.

3. Use Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook are another excellent free option. Facebook groups in particular allow you to connect with a large potential audience with a genuine interest in your services. Depending on the group’s rules, you may be able to simply advertise your services for free. Make sure to confirm these rules before you do it!

Other social media platforms like Twitter (now X), Instagram, and even TikTok could be viable promotion methods too. Obviously these are going to be especially useful if you already have a decent following. But on sites like TikTok in particular, the algorithms can work in your favor, and you may end up in front of a lot of potential buyers very quickly if you post high-quality, consistent content. How useful this method will be is very niche dependent though.

4. Use Cold Pitching

While it can take a little getting used to, cold pitching is a great way to connect with potential buyers. You save the buyer doing the legwork by providing them with a solution to their problem and a way to grow their business.

This will involve a lot of outreach, and a lot of rejection. Email is likely the method you’ll use, and this will take a lot of your time. However, if you use targeted cold email outreach in an efficient way, you can reach paying clients that can make all that time and effort worth it.

5. Use Fiverr’s Promoted Gigs

Finally, you could also choose to use Fiverr’s built-in promotion tool. It’s a paid option, and you’ll be charged per click that your ad receives. In order for this to work, you’ll need to ensure you follow tip number 1 and optimize your gig. You can put a gig in front of thousands of people, but if it doesn’t solve their problems or isn’t well structured, it’s not going to lead to any orders. We’ll talk more about whether this is a good promotional tool shortly.

A good approach to promoting your Fiverr gigs is to combine several methods. It also pays to regularly review and adjust your promotion strategy. If you find one method isn’t working, then focus on the methods that are generating traffic to your gigs. But let’s take a closer look at some of these methods to find out which ones are right for you.

Fiverr promoted gigs button.
You’ll find the option to promote gigs under the Growth & Marketing tab at the top of the screen

Where Can You Promote Your Fiverr Gigs?

The most popular places to promote Fiverr gigs are blogs, social media platforms, and through cold email. You can use both free and paid methods to promote your Fiverr gigs. Regardless of your budget, or whether you’re a Fiverr newbie or a more experienced seller, there’s an option for you.

Optimizing Your Fiverr Gig

Before promoting your gig outside of Fiverr, make sure you optimize the gig itself. You can use SEO to help ensure your gig appears in buyers’ search results. Before creating a gig, do some basic keyword research (essentially ask yourself what the buyer would be typing in to find your service). Then add these keywords to your gig title, description, FAQs, and alt-text.

Other things you can do to optimize your gig include:

  • Make sure your gig titles are catchy and provide an accurate description of the service you’re offering
  • Use search tags to help Fiverr’s search algorithm find your gig
  • Include a high-quality photo and video, where appropriate

Using Social Media

Facebook is a popular platform for promoting Fiverr gigs for free. There are several ways you can use it to advertise your gig.

Firstly, you can join Facebook groups relevant to the services your offer. By participating in the group and interacting with other members, you can promote your Fiverr services.

For example, if you offer to write blog articles, find some content marketing groups to join. Engage with members who are looking for content writers and refer them to your gigs.

But be careful – you don’t want to spam or harass group members. Using Facebook to promote your Fiverr gig is about building a network over time. Then you can offer your services to members who genuinely find them helpful.

Also, make sure to check the group’s rules first to see whether they allow you to promote your services, including Fiverr gigs. You can also use Facebook to create a promotional page for your services. You can refer group members there and it may attract organic search traffic too.

Other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok work a little differently and are less reliant on groups like Facebook. These will generally require you to post consistent content on the platform in order to either boost your following or get lots of engagement. This can then in turn lead to more exposure on the platform, but the effort required may not be worth it for promoting Fiverr gigs.


LinkedIn is another free way to promote your gigs. First up, update your LinkedIn profile so your connections know you’re on Fiverr. Then start regularly posting on LinkedIn. Writing posts relevant to your industry and intended audience helps you to build up followers. By offering useful information or advice, you show potential buyers you know your stuff and can offer value to them.

Don’t forget to engage with other people’s posts and share their content too. This helps to build up your LinkedIn profile and organically promote your Fiverr gigs.

Cold Pitching

Cold pitching involves reaching out to a person or company to offer your services unprompted. Cold pitching can feel a little intimidating at first, but with practice you can become efficient at it.

To find potential leads to reach out to, search for companies who might be interested in your services. You can do this by looking at companies that provide products or services in your niche or who are hiring people with your skillset. Online job boards, LinkedIn, and Google itself are good places to start doing this.

Then reach out to them to offer your services. You can email them, or contact them via LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. Just remember, you’re not applying to a specific role with these companies. You’re explaining your offer and how you can help their business.

How Not To Cold Pitch

At its worst, cold pitching is sending irrelevant spam emails to thousands of people. Don’t be that person.

Instead, be intentional and genuine with your cold pitches. Make sure the service you’re offering is relevant to the person you’re contacting. Work from a template but take the time to customize each pitch. Identify how you can assist each lead and add value to their specific business.

A good way to do this is by identifying gaps in their existing offers or products and how you could improve them. For example, if you’re a content writer, you might find a business whose blog isn’t SEO friendly or being maintained consistently. So, you could cold pitch them by suggesting potential content strategies or article topics.

Consider Warm Pitching Instead

If cold pitching isn’t your thing, consider warm pitching. Are there people you’ve worked with or had contact with in the past? Is there a lead a mutual connection could introduce you to? Rather than sending a message out of the blue, warm pitching gives you a way to connect with someone.

Emphasizing that you will be working through Fiverr may work in your favor too. It may deter some buyers, as they may not like the platform. But in many cases, it may make the buyer more comfortable to work through a dedicated platform rather than provide you with payment details.

Creating A Website Or Blog

Consider setting up a website to promote your Fiverr services. By making your website SEO-friendly, you can drive organic traffic to it and then direct potential buyers to your Fiverr services.

A website is also ideal for promoting any other services you offer outside of Fiverr and presenting a portfolio.

Already have a website? Then it’s easy to start a blog! Creating a blog increases traffic to your site, which you can then direct to your Fiverr gigs. Write about topics relevant to your services, including links to your gigs.

Obviously, this method takes a lot of time and effort, and it’s not going to drive a lot of traffic in the early days. It’s really best for those with an existing website.

Guest Blogging

If you don’t want to set up your own website or blog, you could try guest blogging. Guest blogging involves writing an article to post on another person’s website. When it comes to promoting your gigs, guest blogging gives you access to an established audience.

Find an established blog in your niche. Ideally, you want one with an audience who might be interested in your Fiverr services. Then reach out to see if you can write a blog or two for them.

If you write about your area of expertise, you can include a link to your Fiverr services or profile (provided you ensure that’s allowed on their site before you do it).


Lots of people use YouTube to find solutions to their problems. This makes it an ideal platform to market your problem-solving Fiverr gigs!

Like a blog, you can create videos giving advice on topics relevant to your area of expertise. You can then include a link to your Fiverr gig at the end of the video or in the video description.

If you don’t have experience creating video content, it will take some time to learn it and build up your skills. But once you do this, YouTube can be an excellent way to connect with potential Fiverr clients.

Word Of Mouth

Even with the growth of digital marketing, word of mouth is still an excellent way to build a business. And promoting your Fiverr gigs is no exception.

Consistently delivering high-quality work increases the likelihood of previous clients referring you to others. Also tell your friends, family, colleagues, and other professional contacts that you’re freelancing on Fiverr. You never know what opportunities may arise as a result!

Paid Ads Outside Of Fiverr

You can also pay to promote your Fiverr gigs on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Just don’t use Google Ads to promote your Fiverr gigs. It’s against Fiverr’s terms of service.

The benefit of paying for ads is that they can directly target your intended audience. They are also displayed in more prominent positions on a platform, increasing your gig’s impressions. Paid ads give you instant exposure to an already engaged audience. But an alternative to using paid ads externally is using Fiverr’s version of this on the platform itself.

What Are Promoted Gigs On Fiverr?

Fiverr Promoted Gigs are Fiverr’s version of paid ads. If you pay to promote your ad, it’s displayed in the search results, category pages, and other Fiverr pages where buyers see your gig more easily. You then pay a fee when someone clicks on your ad.

Fiverr’s Promoted Gigs are sold on a per-click basis, through an auction process. You make a bid with the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click. You may end up paying less if other sellers’ bids are lower.

You’re only charged if you have the highest bid, each time someone clicks on your gig. Fiverr then charges your Promoted Gig spend to your Fiverr balance each month. You can set a budget to ensure you only spend a certain amount on these ads.

Is Fiverr Promoted Gigs Worth It?

Fiverr Promoted Gigs are worth it for emerging and established Fiverr sellers looking to grow their revenue. They’re not suitable for beginners or lower-priced gigs. Your gig needs positive reviews before it’s eligible for promotion. It can also end up costing you more in the long run.

Promoted Gigs on Fiverr are designed to increase your gig’s impressions, leading to more clicks and eventual purchases. Your gig’s rating is one factor the Promoted Gig algorithm takes into account. In fact, a gig has to have a few good reviews before it’s eligible to be a Promoted Gig. So using a popular gig with a high buyer-rating increases the chances of having it promoted.

But remember, impressions are only part of the picture. While promoting a Fiverr gig may increase its exposure, you still need buyers to click on it and place an order. This is where a good gig description, gig video, and helpful FAQ section are also essential.

Your gig’s pricing is another factor to consider when deciding whether Promoted Gigs are worth it. If you’re only charging $5 a gig, then paying per click may eat into your already small profit margin (don’t forget – Fiverr takes a cut of your gig fee). But if your gigs have a decent rating and are priced to factor in your marketing costs, then Promoted Gigs can be worth it, at least as an experiment.

How Not To Promote Your Fiverr Gigs

Avoid Spam

Promoting your Fiverr gigs isn’t about spamming as many people as possible. Instead, make sure you promote your Fiverr gigs intentionally to an audience that is genuinely interested in them.

Focusing your promotion strategy in this way leads to higher quality leads who are more likely to purchase your gig.

Don’t Copy Other Fiverr Gigs

When optimizing your Fiverr gigs, it helps to look at other sellers in your niche for inspiration. But don’t directly copy another seller’s gig. Apart from being plagiarism, it won’t help your gig stand out or convince buyers to purchase it.

Don’t Use Google Ads

If you’re considering using paid ads, avoid Google Ads. It’s against Fiverr’s terms of service to promote gigs this way.

Final Thoughts

There’s no get-rich-quick scheme when it comes to promoting your Fiverr gigs. It takes time (in the case of free methods) and money (in the case of paid promotions). One strategy isn’t better than the other. Instead, use a combination of them to maximize your gig’s exposure, attract buyers, and build up your Fiverr revenue.

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