Fiverr Seller Levels – A Complete Guide

Fiverr seller levels screen showing someone at Level Two Seller.

Fiverr seller levels are used to distinguish freelancers on the site by ability and experience. The lower your Fiverr seller level, the harder it is to get orders. But don’t worry, it’s easy to level up as long as you meet the necessary requirements. While this will take time and effort, it’s all worth it when you get to watch the orders pile in! So, what are the requirements and benefits of the different seller levels on Fiverr?

The 4 seller levels on Fiverr are:

  1. New Seller
  2. Level 1 Seller
  3. Level 2 Seller
  4. Top Rated Seller

Each of these seller levels on Fiverr comes with their own perks and bonuses that make it worth trying your best to move up the ranks. We go into more detail about each of the various Fiverr seller levels below. But first, what are seller levels on Fiverr?

What Do Seller Levels Mean On Fiverr?

Seller levels on Fiverr are the platform’s way of categorizing freelancers based on their abilities and quality of service. Fiverr takes into account how long the freelancer has been on the platform, how many orders they’ve completed, and how quickly they respond to messages.

New Sellers

There are four different seller levels on Fiverr, and all new freelancers start off at the level of ‘New Seller’. This gives them some standard benefits, but most freelancers will want to become a Level 1 Seller as soon as possible.

Level 1

This gives you access to more gigs, but it also means you’ll have a ‘Level 1 Seller’ badge on your profile. This can boost your credibility, and some buyers may take into account your higher seller level when comparing your gig to others around you in the search results.

Level 2

Becoming a Level 2 Seller offers you more gigs and priority customer service, but it also further separates you in the search results. Some buyers may filter search results based on seller level, and so the higher rank you are, often the more lucrative the client base. However, this isn’t always true, as we’ll discuss at the end of the article.

Fiverr seller levels screen, showing the standards to maintain and the goals to achieve.
This is how it will look when keeping track of your seller level

What Is The Highest Level Of Seller On Fiverr?

The highest level of seller on Fiverr is Top Rated Seller. You get there by being on the platform for 6 months and making at least $20,000 in sales, among other requirements. Becoming a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr is a manual process, as Fiverr’s team handpick freelancers to get the badge.

You can also get the Pro verified badge on your Fiverr gigs, but this isn’t technically a seller level. This gives that gig some benefits, such as you being able to reduce the pending clearance period to 7 days from 14. However, it won’t affect other non-Pro gigs on your profile.

The 4 Seller Levels On Fiverr

1. New Seller

This is the level you start at on the Fiverr platform. You get no special benefits, and you must adhere to some basic criteria in order to upgrade to a Level One seller.

2. Level 1 Seller

As a Level One seller on Fiverr, you’ve proven yourself to be good at what you do. You’ve got some experience, but you’re still starting out on the platform. You get some basic bonuses as a Level One seller (more on these below), but you’re still climbing the ladder.

3. Level 2 Seller

As a Level Two seller on Fiverr, you’ve been selling for at least 4 months, and you’ve had some decent success with your orders. The benefits allow you to significantly expand your range of services, and you can also take advantage of more dedicated support.

4. Top Rated Seller

Top Rated sellers on Fiverr are the cream of the crop. To become a Top Rated seller, you need to have been on the platform for at least 6 months, and you need to have earned a significant amount of money too. However, you get some very nice bonuses, with the most notable being the 50% reduction in the time your earnings sit in the pending clearance space.

Fiverr Level Requirements At A Glance

These standards remain the same no matter what level you are looking to reach:

  • Respond to 90% of messages within the last 60 days
  • Complete 90% of your orders within the last 60 days
  • Deliver 90% of your orders on time within the last 60 days
  • Maintain at least a 4.7-star average rating over the last 60 days
  • Complete a certain number of days as a seller
  • Receive and complete a certain number of orders
  • Earn a certain amount from your orders
  • Avoid getting any Terms of Service warnings over the last 30 days

The specific level requirements for each level are outlined below, and in order to level up or stay at your current level, you need to have met these requirements by the 15th of the month. That’s when the “Evaluation Period” occurs. By ‘standard level requirements’ I simply mean the ones that stay the same, i.e. the first four above.

Fiverr Seller Levels — Requirements

Level One

  • Complete at least 60 days on Fiverr as an active seller
  • Complete at least 10 orders in total
  • Earn at least $400 in total
  • Meet all of the standard level requirements

Level Two

  • Complete at least 120 days on Fiverr as an active seller
  • Complete at least 50 orders in total
  • Earn at least $2000 in total
  • Meet all of the standard level requirements

Top Rated Seller

  • Complete at least 180 days on Fiverr as an active seller
  • Complete at least 100 orders in total
  • Earn at least $20,000 in total
  • Meet all of the standard level requirements

Pro Seller

To become a Pro Seller, you need to apply for it. I won’t go into too much detail about Fiverr Pro and what it means here. With Pro gigs you can price them at up to $20,000 (with custom offers of up to $50,000) and you will only have a 7-day clearance period vs the standard 14-day one (more on that in my article about withdrawing money from Fiverr).

Note that the Pro status only applies to your specific gigs that go Pro, so you’ll only have these benefits on that one specific gig. Don’t worry if that sounds complicated, as it’s a long way off if you’re just getting started!

Note that while I say it’s a long way off, you can apply for a Pro gig at any time.

Fiverr Seller Levels — Benefits

New Seller

  • Up to 7 active gigs
  • Up to 2 gig extras (priced at $5, $10 or $20)
  • 5 gig multiples (see note below)
  • Custom offers up to $5,000
  • Earnings clearance period of 14 days

Level One Seller

  • Up to 10 active gigs
  • Up to 4 gig extras (priced at $5, $10, $20 or $40)
  • 10 gig multiples (see note above)
  • Custom offers up to $5,000
  • Earnings clearance period of 14 days
  • Eligible to be featured at promotional listings (essentially more exposure through Fiverr’s own marketing campaigns)

Level Two Seller

  • Up to 20 active gigs
  • Up to 5 gig extras (priced at $5, $10, $20, $40 or $50)
  • 15 gig multiples (see note above)
  • Custom offers up to $10,000
  • Earnings clearance period of 14 days
  • Eligible to be featured at promotional listings
  • Eligible for the Customer Success program (basically the ability to be invited to gain some additional support with your gig. Arguably more useful for beginner sellers, not those that have made it this far!)
  • Priority customer support

Top Rated Seller

  • Up to 30 active gigs
  • Up to 6 gig extras (priced at $5, $10, $20, $40, $50 or $100)
  • 20 gig multiples (see note above)
  • Custom offers up to $10,000
  • Earnings clearance period of 7 days
  • Eligible to be featured at promotional listings
  • Eligible for the Customer Success program
  • VIP customer support

Pro Seller (Gig Specific)

  • Most likely the same extras and multiples as the Top-Rated seller, but Fiverr is unclear on this
  • Gig price of up to $20,000 (wow!)
  • Custom offers up to $50,000 ((more than) double wow!)
  • Earnings clearance period of 7 days
  • Better search exposure (whatever that actually means)
  • A Pro badge on the specific gig
  • Dedicated customer services manager

What Are Gig Multiples On Fiverr?

Gig multiples are the number of multiples of your specific gig packages your customers can order. This means if you price something at $10, the buyer can choose to purchase up to 5 of these at once. This is in the benefits column of Fiverr’s website, but nobody using the platform seems to think it is actually a benefit.

The reason for this is that no matter how many multiples they order, the delivery time stays the same. So, you could offer a 2000-word article for $30 to be delivered in one day, and the buyer could order 5 of them for $150, and you would be expected to turn out 10,000 words in one day.

This can lead to inevitable cancellations as you might be unable to complete that amount of work in the given time. So, this makes pricing your gigs correctly very important. Ensure that, if the buyer were to want more than what your first gig package offers, you price your other packages accordingly to make them more appealing than buying multiples of the first gig.

In other words, make it cheaper for them to buy in bulk, to avoid the risk of them using the multiple loopholes to get more out of you for cheaper and in less time!

Do Fiverr Seller Levels Matter?

Fiverr seller levels do matter, as not only do you receive benefits as you level up on the platform, but you’ll also appear more credible to some buyers. While some buyers may seek out lower ranked freelancers for lower prices, others will offer more money for those that offer higher-level services.

Fiverr buyer screen showing the ability to sort by seller level.
Buyers can sort by seller level, which can work for you or against you!

Levelling up on Fiverr shows buyers that you have order history. You’ll have plenty of 5-star reviews, and buyers can tell you’ve been on the platform for a while. This can make you a more credible choice for higher paying jobs. Your experience on the platform will allow you to charge higher prices – as long as you provide quality work in return of course.

However, not all buyers are looking for the best of the best. Some just need a cheap service to move their project along, and they may even filter for New or Level 1 Sellers. This means that there is always a market for gigs at all price ranges, and you shouldn’t stress too much about seller levels, unless you plan to charge premium prices. In these cases, it’s always going to help to have some credibility, and a higher seller level can help with that.

Final Thoughts

Seller levels on Fiverr are fairly straightforward, and each one comes with its own set of requirements and benefits. Just adhere to the requirements and work your way up the ladder and you’ll start to see the orders fly in!

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