Fiverr Top Rated Seller Requirements (Guide & Tips)

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Whether you’re new to Fiverr, or if you’ve been on the platform for years, you’ll be aware of the levelling system. It’s how you’re ranked as a freelancer, so you might be wondering what it takes to become a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr.

To become a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr, you must:

  • Be active on the platform for at least 180 days
  • Have completed at least 100 orders
  • Have earned at least $20,000
  • Have a 4.7-star rating 
  • Have 90% response, order completion, and on-time delivery rates
  • Have had no warnings in the last 30 days

Below, we’ll go into more detail about what these seller requirements mean for you as a freelancer. Then, we’ll also give you some tips on moving up the seller ladder faster. But first, let’s discuss why you’d want to become a Top Rated Seller in the first place.

How Do You Get Top Rated Seller On Fiverr?

Becoming a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr is all about meeting the basic requirements listed above. This is fairly easy to do in terms of ticking the boxes, but it will involve a lot of time and effort on the platform. Given you need to make $20,000 to reach this milestone, it’s worth knowing why you’d want to get there.

Gaining Credibility

The most important benefits of becoming a Top Rated Seller lie in the credibility you will have when buyers check your gigs or profile. Seeing that Top Rated Seller badge tells them immediately that you’ve been on the platform for a while and have essentially proved yourself. It won’t guarantee you more orders than a Level 2 Seller would get, but it’s certainly going to make you look good in the search results.

If a buyer understands the seller level system and is looking for the best talent, they’ll likely bias their searches towards Level 2 and Top Rated Sellers. This means you’ll hopefully be able to appear in front of some high-paying eyes!

You Can Charge More

Becoming a Top Rated Seller requires a reasonable amount of experience on the platform. You’ll likely have honed your skills and gained valuable experience that will allow you to charge higher rates for your services.

This, paired with a hopefully higher likelihood of people placing orders, can lead to a substantial income boost. But you’ll still need to put the time in and continuously adapt on the platform if you want to make as much money as possible.

Fiverr Top Rated Seller Requirements

Active seller for 180 daysFiverr wants to know you’re dedicated to working on the platform
Completed at least 100 ordersCompleting orders shows new buyers you’re trustworthy
Earned a minimum of $20,000Showing Fiverr you can make money tells them you’re worth having on the platform
Maintained a 4.7-star ratingThis tells potential buyers that your services are high-quality
90% response rateProspective buyers want to know that you will respond to them quickly
90% completion rateBuyers want to work with sellers that can do the work that needs done
90% on-time delivery rateDelivering on-time is a must on Fiverr – no excuses!
No warningsDon’t do anything silly and you’ll be fine on this one

Time On The Platform

You’ll need to have been active on Fiverr for about 6 months before you can become a Top Rated Seller. This may sound like a long time, but given you need to make at least $20,000 as well, it’s likely you’ll hit the 6-month milestone first. Realistically you might be looking at a year or more on the platform, depending on how much work you get and the prices you’re charging.

Completing 100 orders is fairly easy if you’re consistent on the platform. I hit 100+ orders when I was a Level 2 Seller, but at that point I was probably only 20% of the way to the money milestone. So, it can end up taking a lot more than 100 orders to become a Top Rated Seller!

If you make an average of $30 per gig (which isn’t an unreasonable amount), it’ll take almost 670 orders to reach the $20,000 milestone!

The 90% Requirements

Some of the requirements are pretty easy to hit, including the 90% ones. Just ensure you always reply to messages as soon as you can (ideally within a day), deliver quality work to avoid cancellations, and be sure to deliver projects on time. While the odd missed deadline isn’t going to end your freelancing career, they’re not going to build goodwill with clients or get you 5-star reviews.

Getting Reviews Is Vital

And reviews are very important. Maintaining a 4.7-star rating shouldn’t be too hard as long as you put in the work with every order. Asking buyers to leave feedback is also a handy tip, but you shouldn’t ask for positive feedback or ask them to remove any negative reviews they leave. These are surefire ways to tangle with the Terms of Service and get yourself a warning.

Getting Warnings

Other ways of getting a warning include being rude or abusive, asking to communicate or take payment off the platform, or misleading buyers in your gigs or profile. Don’t do any of these, and that last requirement will be an easy one to meet.

It’s A Manual Process

The final thing to note is that becoming a Top Rated Seller on the platform won’t happen overnight when you meet all the requirements. Unlike the previous levels, this is a manual process that involves Fiverr’s editorial team reviewing your performance to see if you deserve the Top Rated Seller badge.

As with Level 1 and Level 2 Sellers, if you start slipping up, you can be demoted. So, ensure you’re always meeting those 90% requirements and that you keep a 4.7-star review rating. And it goes without saying that you should always avoid getting warnings!

Fiverr Top Rated Seller Benefits

BenefitWhat This Means
Up to 30 gigsYou can offer plenty of different services
6 gig extras per gigYou can attach lots of extras to those gigs
Priority customer supportYou get the VIP treatment if you run into any issues
7-day pending clearance periodGet your money in half the time!

Plenty Of Gigs

Having up to 30 gigs allows you to offer a wide range of services to your clients. If you’re a jack of all trades, you might offer services in many different industries and niches, and having 30 gigs to play with allows you to really get your services in front of as many eyes as possible.

If you’re a freelance writer for example, you might offer eBook writing services in a bunch of different niches, website copywriting services in a few different industries, and perhaps article writing on a few select topics. This would still leave you room to offer services in other industries if you wanted, whether that be editing, video production, or voiceover work.

Get Your Money Sooner

You get the usual ability to create custom offers of up to $20,000, along with priority support that you also get at Level 2. But a great thing about becoming a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr is the fact you can withdraw your earnings in just 7 days.

You still need to deal with Fiverr’s pending clearance period, but unlike for the seller levels below you, it’s just a week long instead of 14 days. For many freelancers, this is a major advantage, as it’s always better to get your money sooner rather than later.

So, now you know how to get to the Top Rated Seller level, and what you benefit from once you get there, but are there any ways to get there faster?

5 Top Tips To Become A Top Rated Seller On Fiverr

My 5 top tips to become a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr are:

  1. Make use of all your gigs
  2. Provide high-value work to all clients
  3. Be courteous and deliver on time
  4. Shoot for lots of 5-star reviews
  5. Be patient!

1. Make Use Of All Your Gigs

Given you need to get a total of 100 orders and make at least $20,000 on the platform before you can even be considered as a Top Rated Seller, it’s best to make use of everything you have at your disposal.

To get more orders and earn more money, make use of all the gigs you can. Offer specific services, and consider branching out into other industries to get your profile in front of more buyers’ eyes.

2. Provide High-Value Work To All Clients

Always provide value to your buyers. Not only will this reduce the chances of them cancelling orders (and jeopardizing that 90% order completion rate), but it will also make it more likely for them to hopefully leave a review and maybe even become a repeat buyer.

Repeat buyers mean more orders, which means more money and potentially more reviews. All of this will help you move towards your goal of becoming a Top Rated Seller much faster.

3. Be Courteous And Deliver On Time

Avoiding warnings on Fiverr is pretty easy – just don’t do anything silly. But being courteous is about more than just staying in line with Fiverr’s Terms of Service. It’ll help you build up relationships with buyers, which can lead to repeat customers – and I just told you how useful that can be!

Delivering on time should be a standard, not a goal. It’ll help you stay aligned with the requirements for sure, but it’ll also create goodwill with clients, leading to – you guessed it – more repeat buyers.

4. Shoot For Lots Of 5-Star Reviews

Getting reviews is a surefire way to boost your credibility on Fiverr. So, you should always provide a service worthy of top class feedback. It’s okay to ask clients to leave feedback if you want, but the goal should be to make the quality of your work make them want to leave a review on their own accord.

5. Be Patient!

Finally, it takes time to get 100 orders and make $20k on the platform. You’ll need to be on it for at least 6 months too. So hang tight, continue to put in the hard work, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr is fairly easy once you get in the swing of things on the platform. However, it does take a long time, so it’s not going to happen overnight! Remember to be a courteous seller and always deliver quality work on time, and you’ll be well on your way to getting that Top Rated badge.

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