Can You Have Multiple Fiverr Accounts? (The Truth)

You may be wondering if you can multiple Fiverr accounts if you plan to offer a wide range of services in different industries. Or perhaps you want to know if you should have one Fiverr account for selling and another for buying.

You can’t have multiple Fiverr accounts, as this is forbidden by the platform’s terms of service. You are only allowed 1 Fiverr account per person, but you can use this account for both buying and selling on the platform.

You may be able to use multiple Fiverr accounts if you set them up using different devices. However, below I’ll explain why you shouldn’t do this – and also why you don’t need to do it anyway!

Why Would You Need Multiple Fiverr Accounts?

Some people think you need multiple Fiverr accounts if you plan to sell services in different industries. For example, imagine you offer freelance writing services along with logo design. Quite different services right?

It’s understandable that you might think Fiverr will use this against you, or that you won’t be perceived as an expert in either industry if you offer very different things. However, Fiverr’s search algorithms don’t ‘think’ this way.

In fact – they don’t think at all.

They just do their best to match up relevant sellers to buyer queries – as long as your gigs are optimized you have a chance of ranking for those queries.

Plus, I believe that once you’ve spent much time on Fiverr, you’ll probably know which services perform best for you anyway. You will probably narrow down your offerings over time, and the list of gigs you end up offering will probably all be somewhat related.

My Own Experience

For example, I started off on Fiverr offering everything from writing to editing to help with chemistry topics! (I have a chemistry degree, so I figured I could make some money helping others with this subject.) I got orders for all of these services, so Fiverr didn’t punish me for spreading my gigs over different industries.

But I quickly narrowed down to offering writing and editing, but now I also offer SEO assistance for website owners too. These are all fairly related, so I don’t feel any urge to have separate accounts for each one.

Using Multiple Fiverr Accounts As A Buyer & Seller

Another reason you might think you need multiple Fiverr accounts is that you want to use one for buying and one for selling.

But you don’t need to do this!

When you’re on the Fiverr app or the website, you’ll have the option to switch between buying and selling. It’s up at the top of the screen on the very far right tab on mobile (it’s a toggle switch), and you can find it at the top of your screen on desktop.

Do You Need A Separate Fiverr Pro Account?

You don’t need a separate Fiverr account as a business customer (which is now Fiverr Pro). When you sign up as a business customer, you’ll be asked to enter your email address. If it matches to an existing Fiverr account, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to convert your Fiverr personal account to business.

This will create a new user, and you’ll have a separate one for regular Fiverr dealings (like buying and selling).

Note: Fiverr Business is now called Fiverr Pro, but it’s largely just a rebrand, and the features mentioned here still apply!

You can also choose to convert your regular Fiverr account to a business account instead, but you’ll not be able to sell through this account and it will replace your personal account.

So, in this case, while you won’t have multiple Fiverr accounts as a business customer, I do recommend opting to keep your personal account as a separate user if you want to be able to offer gigs in future using that email address.

Can Fiverr Detect If You Use Multiple Accounts?

Fiverr can tell if you use more than one account by:

  • Detecting multiple accounts regularly using the same devices
  • Seeing that multiple accounts are regularly active at the same IP address
  • Checking if multiple accounts are using the same payment details
  • If two profiles have very similar information

What Happens If Fiverr Detects You Are Using More Than One Account?

Fiverr may ban you from the platform if they detect you are using more than one account. This is because it is against the platform’s terms of service.

If Fiverr detects multiple accounts using the same internet connection, but it’s because more than one person at your residence uses Fiverr, you will be able to appeal it.

The same is true if you use the same device as someone else with a separate Fiverr account. If you and someone else use different Fiverr accounts on the same laptop, and Fiverr detects this and thinks you have multiple Fiverr accounts, you will be able to appeal this as well.

Note that I can’t speak from experience on how likely you are to successfully appeal this.

Is It Worth Trying To Create 2 Fiverr Accounts?

It should be pretty clear by now that it’s not worth trying to make multiple Fiverr accounts. There’s no need to have more than one, and you’re just playing with fire as Fiverr may ban you from the platform if they think you’re going against their terms of service.

If you want more tips for getting the most out of Fiverr, check out my beginner’s guide to making money on the platform.

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