What Is A Fiverr Business Client? (Explained)

Fiverr Pro client screen.

Whether you’ve been freelancing on Fiverr for years or if you’re a total beginner, you may have come across business clients. You’ll be notified of these when you’re completing certain orders, but you may be left wondering what exactly a Fiverr Business client is.

Fiverr Business clients are buyers on the platform that are registered for Fiverr’s business program. These buyers get certain perks and have access to various special pools of sellers, but the important thing to note as a freelancer is that they operate as a team rather than being a single buyer.

Fiverr caters to business clients that need high-quality services on a regular basis. That’s why you’ll often come across business clients if you’re active on the platform, so it’s worth learning more about them so that you can provide the best possible service – and hopefully make some more money from it!

Note: Fiverr Business is now called Fiverr Pro, but it’s largely just a rebrand, and the features mentioned here still apply!

What Does Fiverr Business Client Mean?

Fiverr launched their Business account system in 2020 as a way to allow larger teams to collaborate with multiple freelancers and on many different projects with ease. It’s designed for seamless cooperation and communication, and many businesses use it as a way to outsource their projects.

As a freelancer on the platform, this means you can sometimes work with Fiverr Business clients. You’ll be able to tell they’re a business client as you’ll be notified on the order page. This essentially means that the client is not a single person but is likely a business entity represented by a team of people.

They’re Expecting Quality

Fiverr Business clients have access to catalogs of vetted freelancers, and this is designed to provide them with high-quality talent for their projects. If you are working with a Fiverr Business client, they expect a high standard of service, which often means they’ll pay be able to pay more than a regular Fiverr buyer (in return for a higher quality of work). While not a guarantee, they’re also more likely to be repeat buyers, making it extra important that you provide a high standard of work.

Fiverr Business clients may hire freelancers in any niche and any industry, meaning you could come across them regardless of your line of work. You should understand that Fiverr Business clients may be interacting with many freelancers across their projects, and you could be in communication with various different people.

Potential For More Work

Overall, how you approach the client and the work they request won’t be very different to how you usually work on the platform. However, if you can do a good job for a Fiverr Business client, there’s a higher chance they’ll want to work with you again as they can add you to their list of favorite freelancers. This can mean more long term work for you, and potentially more money!

So, if you want to keep them as a client, do the following:

  • Always deliver on time
  • Be as detailed as possible in your communications
  • Be courteous and patient – they’re likely a very busy team
  • Provide a high standard of work

How To Become A Fiverr Business Client

To become a Fiverr Business client, you’ll need to make a Fiverr Business account. This is fairly easy to do, and you can access the portal to sign up here. You can sign up to Fiverr Business even if you’ve never used the platform before, or you can merge your existing account.

It’s free to become a Fiverr Business client, although it used to cost $149 per year. As a Business client, you’ll get access to a range of collaboration-focused tools, designed to make your experience dealing with many different freelancers as streamlined as possible.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr Business clients are teams on the platform that are using a Fiverr Business account. They are generally businesses that are working on multiple projects with various freelancers, and you’ll know they’re a business client as you’ll see a notification on the order page.

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