Are Fiverr Tests Worth It? (The Truth)

Fiverr skill tests screen showing ones recommended for you.

If you’re a seller on Fiverr, you’ve likely come across the option to take various skill tests. These are designed to allow you to prove your skills in your given industry by taking short assessments, but you may be left wondering if Fiverr skill tests are worth it.

Fiverr skill tests are worth it for certain skills, such as writing or translation. They can help show a potential buyer that you have verified your skills on the platform, but they won’t guarantee more orders. Many buyers won’t value the skills tests, and some gigs just won’t benefit from them.

Below, we go into more detail about what Fiverr skill tests are and explain when they are and are not worth it. We’ll also give you some details on how to complete the Fiverr skill tests and how often you can take them.

What Are Fiverr Tests?

Fiverr tests are a way of verifying skills relevant to the gigs you offer. They are online assessments you can choose to take to add some credibility to your profile. They are available in a range of categories, and some gigs will have mandatory skills tests attached to them.

Fiverr skill test recommendation screen.
Fiverr will recommend skill tests for your profile

The tests involve 40 questions in 40 minutes, and you’re graded based on how many you get right. You can choose to show or hide your test result on your profile. If you choose to show it, Fiverr buyers will also see other data like your ranking by percentage, and how long you spent on each topic in the test.

Do You Need To Take Fiverr Skill Tests?

You don’t need to take Fiverr skill tests for most gigs, but some gigs will require you to verify your abilities before you can offer your services to buyers. This might include a basic English test for example, but most of the time these tests are optional.

However, whether you should take Fiverr tests largely comes down to a mixture of factors, including the type of gig you’re offering, your experience level, if you have other ways to prove your credibility, and generally how successful the gig is currently.

Other Ways To Add Credibility

Some gigs, such as logo making or other creative offerings, would not benefit from a 40-question test (and there is no such test available anyway). These kinds of gigs are likely to be given a credibility boost if you can show off examples of your work on your profile or in the gig images.

Likewise, if you can prove your experience in some other way, such as by listing qualifications on your profile, that may be more beneficial than doing skill tests. For example, simply talking about your past experience and where your work has been published will likely be worth more than a skill test badge.

Finally, if your gig is already successful and you’re getting regular orders, it may not be worth taking the time to complete a skill test. Buyers clearly already trust your abilities, but if you think you could boost your orders further, it won’t hurt to do one and see if it affects your income.

Does Taking Fiverr Tests Help?

Taking Fiverr tests can help for some categories of gigs. Generally, more creative freelancing gigs won’t benefit as much from skill test verification as a more technical gig, such as SEO, anything to do with numbers, or subject-specific gigs. Taking Fiverr skill tests may boost your credibility.

However, you should not expect taking a Fiverr test to result in an increase in orders. This won’t happen overnight, and it may not happen at all, and as we’ve mentioned above there are several reasons your gig may not benefit from a Fiverr test badge. However, it can help make your profile look more credible, so it usually doesn’t do any harm to take Fiverr skill tests if you have the time.

What Fiverr Tests Can You Take?

You can take the following Fiverr tests:

  • English Language
  • Basic English (US)
  • German Grammar
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Italian Grammar
  • Content Writing
  • Analytical Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Microsoft Excel
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects
  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • Virtual Assistant

Fiverr used to offer more skill tests, but they found these to be the ones that had the best results for sellers. They removed all others not on this list from seller profiles too, so if you did one in the past and it’s missing from your profile, that’s why.

Fiverr may update this list from time to time, so if you don’t see a test that’s relevant to your gigs, it could be added in future.

5 Steps To Take A Fiverr Skill Test

The 5 steps to take a Fiverr skill test are:

  1. Go to your Fiverr profile
  2. Click Take a Test on the left hand side
  3. Choose the skill test you want to take
  4. Read the instructions and click Start Test
  5. Work through the 40 multiple choice questions

In order to pass a Fiverr skill test, you generally need to get at least 60-80% of the questions right. This will vary depending on the specific test, but you’ll be told what the pass mark is beforehand. If you fail the test the first time around, you do have the option to retake it.

Fiverr skill test button on profile page.
You’ll find the option to take Fiverr skill tests on your profile.

Can You Retake Fiverr Tests?

You can retake Fiverr skill tests, but you’ll need to wait at least 1 day before doing so. You can only take a specific test twice within a 3-month period. After that you may retake the test again, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit on the number of times you can do so.

To retake a Fiverr test, simply navigate to the test you’d like to retake using the “Take a Test” section on the left hand side of your profile.

You can hide your test score too if you don’t want buyers to see your results, by clicking on the relevant test on your profile and then disabling your test results.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr tests are ways of adding some credibility to your profile. Not every gig will have a suitable test associated with it, and they won’t always be worth it. However, they can be a useful way to add some proof of your skills to your Fiverr profile.

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