When Was Fiverr Founded? (Headquarters, History & More)

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Fiverr is one of the most popular websites for all types of freelancers. Whatever skill you may have, someone out there is willing to pay you for it! You can set your prices, work at your own pace, and accept the gigs you want to work on.

Fiverr was founded in 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. Fiverr’s headquarters are in Tel-Aviv in Israel, but there are Fiverr offices based all over the world, and the company is one of the top freelancing marketplaces on the internet, with more than 3 million sellers and 2+ million buyers.

In this article we’ll dive deep into the history of Fiverr, taking a look at the company’s origins, where the Fiverr headquarters are, and more interesting facts all about the popular freelance marketplace.

When Did Fiverr Start?

Fiverr started in February 2010, being founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, and it’s now one of the top 200 sites on the internet. Its popularity stems mainly from the innovation it brought to the freelancing industry, as well as the simplicity of the platform itself.

The platform has changed a lot since its humble beginnings, but the overall goal of providing freelancers and clients with a simple, user friendly marketplace on which to exchange services has remained true to this day.

Who Created Fiverr?

Fiverr was created by 2 entrepreneurs: Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. They wanted to create a space where people could thrive on selling their skills, in order to escape the 9-5 routine from the comfort of their homes.

Micah Kaufman, like many founders, is also involved in venture capital and other investments that put to use his entrepreneurial mindset that helped get Fiverr off the ground. Shai Wininger has also been busy since cofounding Fiverr, helping to create Lemonade, a peer to peer insurance company.

Who Owns Fiverr?

Fiverr is run by a team of staff, and while Micha Kaufman serves as CEO of the company, it’s not owned by another firm as it is its own company.

What Is Micha Kaufman Worth?

Micha Kaufman is likely worth millions of dollars, although like the net worths of many CEOs, it’s hard to find any convincing numbers. Given that he has many other ventures outside of Fiverr, it’s difficult to gauge exactly how much he would be worth. 

Is Fiverr A Public Company?

Fiverr is a public company and has been since June of 2019, when it listed on the New York stock exchange as FVRR. It has a market capitalisation of more than $1 billion.

The company went public in the year before the Covid-19 pandemic sent most of the world home to work. This meant that Fiverr’s stock skyrocketed from about $25 in March of 2020 to a peak of $320 in February of 2021. It has since returned to its pre pandemic range of about $30.

How Many People Use Fiverr In 2024?

4.2 million people use Fiverr as buyers in 2024. In just two years, Fiverr had already hosted 1.3 million gigs, and since then it has continued to grow. There are around 2.3 million sellers on Fiverr.

How Much Is Fiverr Worth?

Fiverr is worth about $1.1 billion in terms of its market capitalisation on the New York stock exchange. The company grew massively during the Covid-19 pandemic, but its share price has stabilised at pre pandemic levels since summer of 2022.

How Much Does Fiverr Make?

Fiverr makes revenue of about $300 million per year, and this is up from less than $200 million in 2020 and from only around $80 million in 2018. This is in large part thanks to the massive influx of business in 2020 and 2021 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic forced many people to work from home, opening up the doors to those who could now offer freelancing services more easily alongside their main job. However, it’s likely that Fiverr’s revenues will decline alongside its stock price as the effects of the pandemic become less acute.

Where Is Fiverr Based?

Fiverr is based in Israel, and that was where it was founded. Tel Aviv is still home to the Fiverr headquarters, but over the years Fiverr has expanded, and there are now six offices scattered throughout the United States and Europe. There are Fiverr headquarters in New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Berlin, Kiev, and London.

Even though fiverr is based primarily in Israel with a few offices in other countries, the platform hosts buyers and sellers from all over the world. It’s a truly global company, with freelancers in Japan able to carry out work for buyers in Brazil.

3 Interesting Facts About Fiverr

1. Fiverr Grew By 600%

Between 2012 and 2018, Fiverr grew its userbase by 600%. When it comes to finances, the pattern is the same. Only a few months after the founding of the company, Fiverr received an investment of $1 million, and from there its revenue just kept increasing.

In 2015, the company announced that it had raised $60 million, while in 2020 the generated revenue was around $190 million. This was their largest revenue increase since they started publicly reporting it, in 2017. In Q3 of 2023 alone the company made around $60 million.

2. Fiverr Has More Than 500 Categories

When Fiverr first launched, there were only 8 service categories to choose from as a buyer or seller. As the popularity of the site increased, more people with different areas of expertise started joining, and new categories appeared.

Since 2018, 300 new categories have been added to the site, and now you can find more than 500 different categories to choose from. Again, there’s basically nothing you can’t buy or sell on Fiverr! If you have a skill, there’s probably someone out there who’s looking to pay for it.

3. Fiverr Drastically Changed In 2015

Fiverr was created to help freelancers get gigs easily, while also keeping the services cheap for buyers. In the beginning, all gigs used to cost $5, hence the name of the company.

As the company’s income increased, Fiverr started to gain more autonomy, and with the $60 million investment funding they received in 2015, they decided to lift the $5 cap and allow freelancers to charge higher rates for their services. At the moment, Fiverr lets you choose your own prices and various extra fees, depending on the services you offer.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr is one of the best websites for freelancers, and one of the top 200 sites on the internet today. After being created in 2010 by two young entrepreneurs, Fiverr just kept on growing and expanding from Israel to the rest of the world.

With millions of active sellers and buyers, Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing websites in the world. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering it’s extremely user-friendly, allowing anyone with any skill to make some money.

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