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Chris Hanna

Chris is the creator of Freelance Ready, but he also writes about his freelancing experience

Kate Stacey

Kate is an Australian freelance writer now based in Europe, and she writes about the legal aspects of freelancing

Raquel Santos

Raquel uses her experience to craft articles about freelancing writing and the blogging platform Medium

Freelancing FAQs

How do you start freelancing?

Becoming a freelancer is something pretty much anyone can do! You just need to have skills you can sell and a target audience to which you can sell those skills.

We recommend checking out our guide to becoming a freelancer first, but learning how to get clients is key too.

Is freelancing hard?

As with any career path, freelancing has its fair share of pros and cons. You’ll face many challenges, from income insecurity to dealing with tough clients.

But freelancing can be worth it if your goals are flexibility, working on projects you love, and – of course – more money!

Where should I start freelancing?

There are lots of places you can start freelancing, and we recommend checking out our list of the top freelance marketplaces as a start.

But there are also job boards suited to different types of freelancer, and you can of course reach out to people you know – and those you don’t but would love to work with.